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    How Do Godox Lights Compare With Competitors’ Products?

    Last Updated 12th November 2023

    Even just a few years ago there was a degree of risk involved in going with certain Chinese lighting companies. Is that still the case? How do Godox’s products measure up against those of market leaders such as Elinchrom, Profoto, and Broncolor?

    Things move fast in the world of lighting technology, and Godox has been doing this longer than most  - since the early ‘90s to be more precise. Any teething problems there might have been early on had been well and truly ironed out. A fact reflected by the widespread popularity of Godox lights today.

    True, given a totally unlimited budget, most pro-photographers would likely choose to own Profoto or Broncolor gear. Realistically though, few but the very highest-paid professionals have that kind of budget to throw around these days. Meanwhile, an excellent Godox lighting kit can be purchased for little more than the price of renting a couple of Profoto studio lights for a single day. That’s a significant difference in cost.

    There’s no denying that Profoto and Broncolor gear is exceptionally sturdy and well-built; hence why it can withstand the rigors of pro-rental. However, the upgrade in construction quality is not so huge as to justify the enormous disparity in purchase price when compared with Godox lights.

    What’s more, if we leave aside the matter of build, the performance of Godox’s products is clearly comparable to that of its pricier competitors. Indeed, on some fronts it even outdoes them. If Profoto and Broncolor products can be considered our benchmark of 100% (and if we’re honest, that’s not always the case), then Godox is likely around 90%. Yet invariably their products cost one-third of the price.

    Let’s put it this way; a tank may be the most secure form of off-road travel, but for most people, a regular 4WD will do just fine; it will also come at a far more accessible price point. If you’ve just landed a commission to shoot the next Gucci campaign (or you’re thinking of shooting fashion in a war zone), then, sure, you might want to go with Profoto. But anyone else will be good with the Godox.


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