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Light Stand Accessories

Welcome to Hypop's comprehensive collection of Light Stand Accessories, where we provide the support your lighting equipment deserves. Featuring renowned brands like Godox, Aperture, Xlite and others you'll find our range of light stands accessories offers a versatile solution to elevate your photography and videography setups.


Our range of Light Stand Risers and Column, Extension and Yokes all play a crucial role in photography and videography by providing the support and mounting assistance for your lighting equipment. 

Whether you're shooting in a studio or on location, our light stands accessories are easy to use and require minimal effort to setup. They offer convenience and flexibility to accommodate various shooting environments.

Choose Hypop's range of Light Stand Accessories to ensure your lighting equipment receives the support it deserves. Whether you're a professional, amateur, or content creator, our range of Risers, Columns, Bases and Wheels are your gateway to perfect lighting and elevated content quality. Shop our collection today and experience the difference in your photography and videography setups.

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  • Tether Tools Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter

    $72.50 AUD
    In stock
  • Preorder

    Godox Pole-Operated Yoke for KNOWLED P300RY02 LED Panel

    $390.00 AUD
    In stock
  • Preorder

    Godox Pole-Operated Yoke for KNOWLED P600RY02 LED Panel

    $440.00 AUD
    In stock
  • Xlite Single Hook for Most Lighting Stands

    $20.00 AUD
    In stock
  • Xlite Floor Roller Stand Base With Wheels & Brakes

    $175.00 AUD
    In stock
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