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Backdrop Stands

When it comes to professional photography, the right tools can make all the difference. Our selection of Backdrop Stands is the cornerstone of creating stunning, studio-quality images. Whether you're a seasoned pro, a budding photographer, or a content creator, investing in a quality backdrop stand is a game-changer for your creative projects.
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  • #1 Top Seller

    Backdrop Stand (2.8M x 3.0M) - Heavy Duty 8kg Load 4 Segment Crossbar

    $84.00 USD $105.00
    In stock
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    Backdrop Stand (2.5M x 3.0M) - 4kg Load 4 Segment Crossbar

    $62.00 USD $77.00
    In stock
  • Save 14%

    Collapsible Pop-up Backdrop and Reflector Stand with Peg Kit - Bundle

    $84.00 USD $98.00
    In stock
  • Save 34%

    T Backdrop Stand (2M x 2M) with Pegs for Flat Lay and Small Backdrops - 3kg Load

    $49.00 USD $74.00
    Very low stock
  • Save 21%

    Heavy Duty 7kg Load Telescopic Adjustable Backdrop Stand (3.0m x 2.4m)

    $182.00 USD $230.00
    Low stock
  • Backorder

    Easiframe® Curved Height Conversion Kit from 2145mm to 2645mm (Conversion Kit Only)

    $115.00 USD
    In stock
  • Backorder

    Easiframe® Curved Cyclorama Sweep Extension Kit (Extend to 2500mm x 3000mm x 2500mm)

    $230.00 USD
    In stock
  • Save 20%

    Backdrop Stand (2.0M x 2.0M) - 3kg Load 4 Segment Crossbar

    $45.00 USD $56.00
    In stock
  • Xlite Tall Background Support Kit With 3m Crossbar

    $206.00 USD
    In stock
  • Xlite Twin Air Cushioned Stand Set 2.8m with Bag

    $136.00 USD
    In stock
  • Colorama Colorgrip Foam Paper Background Storage System

    $115.00 USD
    Low stock

Some FAQs.

  • How much weight can backdrop stands hold?

    At Hypop, we have a range of products with different weight limits from 4kg to 20kg to suit various sized backdrops.

  • Are Backdrop Stands portable?

    Yes, most of our backdrop stands are easy to set up and pack down to use on location or pack away when not needed. For permanent setups, we recommend using the Mounted backdrop holder, double C-Stand set or Easiframe.

  • Do you offer Warranty?

    Yes, all our photography backdrop stands come with a 12 month Australian standard warranty.

  • What Backdrop stand will support a full length Paper Roll?

    For full length paper backdrops we recommend the Heavy Duty 8Kg Load Backdrop Stand or Double C-Stand Set. 

  • Can I mount several backdrops at once?

    Yes, using our wall mounted backdrop support you can mount up to 3 paper rolls at a time.

  • Can you adjust the width of the backdrop stands?

    Yes, our range of crossbar backdrop stands are adjustable, you can remove up to two segments to suit your space size.

Why Invest in a Backdrop Stand?

1. Versatility and Control:

Backdrop stands provide a versatile platform for controlling your photography environment. With a backdrop stand, you can easily switch between different backgrounds, creating a variety of moods and styles for your photos. It's a must-have for portrait, product, and fashion photography.

2. Professional Aesthetics:

Achieve a clean and polished look with a backdrop stand. Whether you're shooting headshots, family portraits, or commercial products, a properly set up backdrop instantly adds professionalism to your images, making them more appealing to clients and viewers.

3. Efficiency and Consistency:

Backdrop stands help maintain consistency in your work by ensuring that every image taken in your studio has the same background. This is crucial for branding, product catalogs, and creating a cohesive portfolio.

Who Is It For?

1. Photographers:

Professional photographers rely on backdrop stands for their studio and on-location shoots. Whether you're specialising in portraits, fashion, or commercial photography, a sturdy backdrop stand is a valuable tool in your arsenal.

2. Content Creators:

For content creators working on YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform, backdrop stands are perfect for setting up a clean and visually appealing background for your videos and photos, enhancing your content's overall quality.

3. Event Photographers:

Event photographers benefit from backdrop stands for capturing memories at weddings, parties, and corporate events. These stands help maintain a professional and consistent backdrop, even in various event settings.

Complementary Products

Complete your studio setup with these complementary products that enhance the capabilities of your backdrop stand:

1. Backdrop Fabrics:

Explore our range of high-quality backdrop fabrics, available in various colours and textures. These fabrics allow you to create the perfect background for any occasion or shoot.

2. Clamps and Clips:

Secure your backdrops with ease using clamps and clips. They ensure that your backdrop remains taut and free from wrinkles during your photography sessions.

3. Lighting Equipment:

Pair your backdrop stand with our professional lighting equipment to illuminate your subjects and backgrounds with the perfect balance of light and shadow, creating stunning effects and moods.

4. Green Screens:

For video production and post-production work, green screens offer endless possibilities for background replacement, special effects, and creative video content. Combine them with your backdrop stand for a complete setup.

Elevate Your Photography Today

Invest in a high-quality backdrop stand and take your photography and content creation to the next level. Whether you're a professional photographer, a content creator, or an event photographer, a reliable backdrop stand is a fundamental tool for achieving professional and visually appealing results. Explore our collection of backdrop stands and related products and create captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression. Your creative journey begins here.

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