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Step into the world of Rolux, where innovation meets power to bring you a range of reliable batteries and essential accessories. Rolux, a brand celebrated for its quality and performance, caters to photographers and videographers who depend on dependable, long-lasting energy solutions.
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    Rolux RL-130S V-Mount Battery 130Wh (Black)

    $269.99 AUD $329.99 AUD
    Very low stock
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    Rolux Super Charge Battery Charger YC-ZNC

    $89.99 AUD $139.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Rolux V-Mount 99w Nano Mini Battery (Max Load 15A)

    $325.00 AUD
    Very low stock
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    ROLUX Mini 135W Li-ion Battery V-mount YC-135S

    $319.99 AUD $354.99 AUD
    Very low stock
  • Rolux Mini 98Wh Lithium-ion Compact Battery (V-mount)

    $294.99 AUD
    Very low stock

Who Relies on Rolux?

  1. Professional Photographers and Videographers: Rolux is the trusted choice of professionals who demand reliable and long-lasting power solutions for their photography and video projects. They know that missing a moment is not an option, and Rolux ensures they're always ready.

  2. Enthusiastic Content Creators: Enthusiasts who are passionate about photography and videography turn to Rolux for dependable power that allows them to capture their creativity without interruptions.

  3. On-the-Go Filmmakers: Filmmakers who are always on the move appreciate the portability and reliability of Rolux batteries for powering their cameras and equipment during outdoor shoots.

Pro Tips for Maximising Your Rolux Experience:

  1. Choose the Right Battery: Ensure your Rolux battery is compatible with your camera or equipment. Select the right capacity to suit your shooting needs.

  2. Carry Spares: Keep spare Rolux batteries on hand, so you never run out of power during critical moments.

  3. Battery Care: Properly store and maintain your Rolux batteries to extend their lifespan. Keep them charged if not in use for an extended period.

  4. Keep Chargers Handy: Always have your Rolux battery chargers with you, especially during extended shoots.

  5. Stay Informed: Familiarise yourself with the charge cycles and specifications of your Rolux batteries to optimise their performance.

  6. Monitor Power Levels: Keep an eye on your Rolux battery's power level indicator, so you know when it's time for a swap or recharge.

Elevate your photography and videography with Rolux. Our collection of batteries and accessories empowers you to keep your camera and equipment running reliably. Whether you're a professional capturing client projects or an enthusiast creating your own content, Rolux ensures you're always powered up and ready to seize the moment. Start your journey to uninterrupted creativity with Rolux today.

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