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Beauty & Ring Lights

Welcome to the Beauty Professional Lights and Ring Lights collection by Hypop, your destination for a diverse range of lighting solutions meticulously crafted to enhance your beauty and portrait photography. Our assortment caters to professionals, makeup artists, beauty influencers, and enthusiasts alike, all on a quest for the finest equipment to capture enchanting beauty images. Explore both professional-grade and entry-level options, suitable not only for photography but also for enhancing Zoom calls, perfecting artwork, flawless makeup application, and more.
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  • 22" LED Portable Ring Light - Platinum Pro II

    $346.20 AUD $346.99 AUD
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    10" White LED Desk Ring Light - Opaluxe

    $41.99 AUD $59.99 AUD
    In stock
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    10" Black LED Table Top Ring Light - Opaluxe

    $41.99 AUD $59.99 AUD
    In stock
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    LED 6" Ring Light with Smartphone Holder Tabletop Lighting Kit - 'Inner Artist Plus II'

    $62.99 AUD $89.99 AUD
    In stock
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    6" Clip-On Desk LED "Ruby" Ring Light

    $20.99 AUD $29.99 AUD
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    22" LED Portable Ring Light - Platinum Pro II (DEMO STOCK 1)

    $559.99 AUD $699.99 AUD
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    White Portable and Foldable Flat Lay Multimedia LED Light with Phone Holder

    $111.99 AUD $139.99 AUD
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    6" LED Table Ring Light Kit - Inner Artist

    $48.99 AUD $69.99 AUD
    Very low stock

Why Professional Beauty and Ring Lights are Essential

Professional beauty and ring lights are essential tools for a range of photography and beauty-related reasons:

  1. Flawless Lighting: These lights provide even, flattering illumination that minimises shadows, accentuates facial features, and reveals true beauty, ensuring your subjects look their best.

  2. Captivating Catchlights: Ring lights, in particular, create striking catchlights in the eyes, giving your subjects a captivating sparkle and enhancing engagement in your photos.

  3. Versatility for Various Genres: Professional beauty and ring lights are versatile, suitable for beauty and fashion photography, makeup tutorials, skincare demonstrations, headshots, and more.

  4. Customisable Lighting: Many of these lights offer adjustable brightness and colour temperature settings, allowing you to fine-tune the lighting to achieve the desired mood and match specific skin tones.

Explore Our Professional Beauty and Ring Lights Collection

  1. Salon-Grade Beauty Lights: Discover high-end beauty lights that offer exceptional brightness, colour accuracy, and customisable lighting settings, ideal for professionals in the beauty and photography industry. Our range includes the Allurelite and Lunarlite range.

  2. Professional Salon-Grade Ring Lights: Our professional ring lights are designed for professional photographers, makeup artists, and beauty influencers who demand the best in lighting quality and customisation. Our range includes the Diamond Luxe, Platinum Pro, Mini Pearl and Aurora Max range.

  3. Ring Lights with Accessories: Kits that include tripods, phone holders, and remote controls, providing all the essential tools for your beauty photography setup.

  4. Mobile and Compact Ring Lights: Ideal for on-the-go professionals and vloggers, these lights are portable, lightweight, and deliver professional-grade lighting. Our range includes the GlowGo and Firefly range.

Tips for Using Professional Beauty and Ring Lights

  1. Adjust the Colour Temperature: Experiment with different colour temperature settings to achieve the most flattering lighting for your subject's skin tone and desired ambiance.

  2. Create Engaging Catchlights: Position the ring light at eye level, centred around the camera lens, to produce captivating circular catchlights that enhance the eyes and create an engaging, professional look.

  3. Diffusion and Softening: Consider using diffusion accessories or softboxes to further soften the light and reduce the intensity of shadows, producing a polished, flawless appearance.

Users of Professional Beauty and Ring Lights

  • Professional Photographers: For producing studio-quality beauty shots and headshots with consistent, top-tier lighting.
  • Makeup Artists: For creating detailed and precise makeup looks with accurate colour rendition.
  • Beauty Influencers: To produce professional-quality beauty and skincare tutorials that stand out and engage audiences.
  • Fashion Photographers: For capturing stunning fashion and beauty images with flawless, even lighting.

Elevate your beauty and portrait photography with professional beauty and ring lights that provide impeccable and flattering lighting. Whether you're a professional in need of salon-quality results or an enthusiast looking to achieve professional standards, these versatile tools are a must-have for creating flawless beauty images. Explore our collection today and bring out the best in your beauty photography!

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