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Product Photographer

Product photography isn't just about the camera; it's about having the right tools to make your products shine. We've carefully curated a comprehensive selection of essentials crafted specifically for product photographers like you. Discover our wide range of meticulously chosen products, including professional lighting kits that illuminate your subjects flawlessly, portable studios that enable you to create stunning setups anywhere, versatile backdrops to complement your product's aesthetic, and an assortment of creative props that add that extra touch of uniqueness to your shots.

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  • Spectrum White PRO.PROPS Styling Photography Prop - Moroccan Arch

    $134.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Spectrum White PRO.PROPS Styling Photography Prop - Triple Arch

    $184.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Spectrum White PRO.PROPS Styling Photography Prop - Fluted Pillar Bundle

    $204.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Spectrum White PRO.PROPS Styling Photography Prop - Ribbed Pillar Bundle

    $204.99 AUD
    Very low stock
  • Backorder

    Foldio2 Plus 15" Inch All-in-One Photography Studio Tent Box (Includes Triple LED Light Strips) - Bundle

    From $219.99 AUD
    In stock
  • #1 Top Seller

    Foldio3 25" Inch All-in-One Photography Studio Tent Box (Includes LED Lights and 2 Backdrops) - Bundle

    From $279.99 AUD
    In stock
  • Save 23%

    Volkwell Collapsible Product Photography Lighting Tent (In 3 Sizes)

    From $99.99 AUD $129.99 AUD
    In stock
  • Orangemonkie Foldio360 Smart 360º Turntable for Foldio All-in-one Studio

    $279.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Orangemonkie Foldio Halo Bar for Foldio2 Plus / Foldio3 (Pair)

    $79.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Save 50%

    Godox Professional Product Shooting Surface for FPT-100 Only (100cm x 200cm)

    $99.99 AUD $199.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Save 12%

    Spectrum-PRO 'S-Beam 150' LED Octagon Softbox Lighting Kit

    $599.99 AUD $684.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Save 7%

    Godox SK400II-V 400W Studio Flash Strobe Head with LED Modelling Lamp (Bowens)

    $254.99 AUD $274.99 AUD
    Very low stock
  • Godox 95cm Constructable Octagonal Softbox with Grid for Bowens

    $99.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Save 7%

    Godox SK400II-V Single Light Studio Flash Lighting Kit - Bundle

    $499.99 AUD $539.99 AUD
    Low stock


Lighting and Studio Equipment

Perfect lighting is essential for product photography. Discover a wide selection of studio lighting, softboxes, and reflectors from leading brands like Godox and Aputure to create the ideal setup for your product shoots.

    Tripods and Stabilization

    Steady your shots and experiment with different angles using our sturdy tripods and stabilisers. These tools ensure precision and consistency in your product photography, from overhead shots to close-ups.



    Choose from an array of backdrops to create the perfect background for your product shots. Whether you need seamless paper, fabric, ProBoards, or speciality backdrops, we have a wide range of options to suit your style and project needs.


    Styling Props 

    Elevate the visual appeal of your product images with our diverse collection of styling props from PRO.PROPS, Geometrics Props, Mirrors, Acrylic Blocks, Lens Balls, and more!


    Storage and Organization

    Keep your digital assets safe and organized with our selection of memory cards, hard drives, and storage solutions tailored to photographers.

    Shop online to enjoy nationwide delivery service or opt for click-and-collect to pick up your item at your convenience. You can chat with us online or head into our Sydney Showroom and our friendly staff will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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