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Wall & Ceiling Mounts

Welcome to Hypop's wall and ceiling mounts collection where you'll discover a range of mounting solutions designed to enhance your lighting or creative work setup. Whether you're a professional photographer seeking for an efficient workspace or a beauty professional looking for salon-quality solutions, our mounts provide the foundation for creating an organised space for your photography, application and videography needs.
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Why Wall and Ceiling Mounts Are Essential

Wall and ceiling mounts play a pivotal role in optimising your lighting setup for several compelling reasons:

  1. Space Efficiency: Wall and ceiling mounts maximise your space by keeping your lighting, backdrops or  equipment off the floor, creating a clutter-free shooting area.

  2. Consistency: These mounts provide the consistency needed for quality setips, ensuring that your lights or backdrops are always in the right position.

  3. Customisation: Mounts are adjustable, allowing you to precisely position your gear to achieve the desired angle and intensity for your shots.

  4. Professional Aesthetics: Mounting your lights or backdrops on walls or ceilings adds a professional touch to your studio or workspace, making it more organised and visually appealing.

Explore Our Wall and Ceiling Mounts Collection

  1. Professional-Grade Mounts: Discover our selection of wall and ceiling mounts designed for professional photographers and studio setups, providing the sturdiness and flexibility needed for consistent, high-quality setups.

  2. Backdrops Mounts: Our backdrop mounts offer a space saving and efficient solution for busy studios.

  3. Adjustable Arms and Brackets: Choose from adjustable arms and brackets that allow you to customise the positioning and angles of your lights for precise control over your lighting setup.

Tips for Using Wall and Ceiling Mounts

  1. Measure and Plan: Before installing mounts, carefully measure and plan the positioning of your lights to ensure that they're in the optimal locations for your shooting needs.

  2. Stability and Weight: Ensure that your chosen mounts are capable of supporting the weight of your lighting equipment and are securely fastened to prevent accidents.

  3. Cable Management: Use cable management solutions to keep power cords and cables neat and out of the way, reducing the risk of tripping hazards. For beauty salons, we would advise seeking an electrician to install power outlets for a sleek and professional look.

Users of Wall and Ceiling Mounts

  • Professional Photographers: Ideal for creating a consistent and well-organised studio space for various photography genres, from portraits to product shots.

  • Videographers: Suitable for video shoots, interviews, and live streaming, providing stable and adjustable lighting solutions.

  • Beauty & Health Professional: For a clutter free and professional space to take your before and after photos.

Elevate your lighting & backdrop setup with wall and ceiling mounts that provide consistency, customisation, and professional aesthetics. 

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