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Continuous Lighting Kits

Welcome to Hypop's Continuous Lighting Kit category, where we present a carefully curated selection of lighting solutions that will illuminate your photography journey. Whether you're an amateur, enthusiast, or professional photographer, our continuous lighting kits are ideal for achieving stunning, consistent lighting in your photos and videos.
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    5.5" LED Photography Video Youtube Zoom Lighting Desk Home Kit - Crystal Air

    $50.00 USD $55.00
    In stock
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    Aputure Amaran P60C 3 Head RGBWW LED Kit

    $1,077.00 USD $1,204.00
    In stock
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    Aputure Amaran P60X 3 Head Bi-Colour Led Kit

    $580.00 USD $702.00
    In stock
  • Backorder

    Aputure NOVA P300c RGBWW LED Light Panel with Rolling Hard Case (Travel Kit)

  • Boling 2 x BL-2250P LED Video & Photography Lighting Kit

    $832.00 USD
    Very low stock
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    Boling BL-50C 50W Bi-Colour 2500K-5800K LED Continuous Lighting Kit

    $1,091.00 USD $1,296.00
    Very low stock
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    Digital Media Green Screen Kit With Pop Up Backdrop & Double 'Illuminate Mate' Softbox

    $341.00 USD $444.00
    Low stock
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    Godox Knowled 'Cinematic Starter Kit' M200D / M200Bi / M300D / M300Bi COB LED Light with Stand

    From $702.00 USD $904.00
    In stock
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    Godox ML-Kit1 ML60 & ML30 Daylight 3 Head LED Light Kit

  • Backorder

    Godox ML-Kit2 ML60Bi & ML30Bi Bi-Colour 3 Head LED Light Kit

  • Save 15%

    Godox ML30 2 Head Daylight (5600K) LED Light Kit

    $512.00 USD $601.00
    Low stock
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    Godox ML30BI 2 Head Bi-Colour (2800K-6500K) LED Light Kit

  • Save 17%

    Godox ML30BI Bi-Colour Tabletop Product Photography Kit with Soft Tent and Stand

    $266.00 USD $321.00
    Low stock
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    Godox ML60 Portable Continuous LED Light Starter Kit with Softbox and Stand

    $369.00 USD $389.00
    Very low stock
  • Godox S30-D Focusing LED 3 Point Lighting Kit

    $1,223.00 USD
    Very low stock
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    Godox TL120 RGB Single Tube Light (117cm)

  • Backorder

    Godox TL120 RGB Tube 4-Light Kit

  • Godox TL60 4 Light RGB Led Tube Light Kit 750mm

    $887.00 USD
    In stock

Why Choose Continuous Lighting Kits for Photography?

Continuous lighting kits offer a variety of benefits that make them indispensable for photographers and videographers:

  1. Consistency: Unlike flash photography, continuous lighting provides a constant light source, allowing you to see and adjust the lighting in real-time. This helps in achieving precisely the look you want.

  2. Versatility: Continuous lighting is versatile and adaptable to various shooting scenarios, including portraits, product photography, video shoots, and more.

  3. Ease of Use: Continuous lighting is perfect for beginners because it's straightforward to set up and use. You can learn lighting techniques with ease.

  4. Colour Accuracy: Many continuous lighting kits come with colour temperature adjustments to ensure accurate and consistent colour rendition in your photos.

  5. Creative Control: You have the ability to adjust the intensity and angle of your lights, making it easier to create the perfect mood and atmosphere for your images.

Explore Our Continuous Lighting Kit Collection

  1. Softbox Lighting Kits: Softbox lighting provides soft, even illumination, making it a preferred choice for portrait and studio photographers. Our kits include all the essentials to create flattering light.

  2. Umbrella Lighting Kits: Umbrella lights are portable, versatile, and easy to set up. They're ideal for on-location shoots and video production.

  3. LED Continuous Lights: LED lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and come in various forms, including panels and ring lights, catering to both photographers and videographers.

  4. Studio Lighting Kits: Our comprehensive studio lighting kits offer a complete solution for studio photographers, including backdrops, light stands, and various lighting accessories.

  5. Accessories: Enhance your lighting setup with accessories like grids, barn doors, and colour gels for added control and creative effects.

Why Choose Our Continuous Lighting Kits

  • Quality Assured: We source our continuous lighting kits from renowned manufacturers known for their quality and reliability, ensuring you receive long-lasting, professional-grade equipment.

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of experts is here to help you select the right continuous lighting kit that suits your specific needs, ensuring you make an informed choice for your photography style.

  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive prices on all our products, making high-quality continuous lighting accessible to photographers of all levels.

  • Customer Satisfaction: We stand by the quality of our products and offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you can shop with confidence.

Elevate your photography with consistent, high-quality lighting. Our continuous lighting kits offer the ideal solution for achieving stunning results in your images and videos. Explore our selection today and illuminate your creative potential with these essential lighting tools!

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