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Boling is a leading provider of high-quality photography studio lighting equipment and accessories. Their extensive range of LED Panels and Continuous Lighting Solutions are perfect for both amateur and professional photographers or videographers. Improve the quality of your photos and videos with the Boling product range, available exclusively at Hypop!
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Boling LED Panels

Achieving the perfect lighting conditions for a camera shoot can be difficult. Enter Boling! Their LED Panels and lighting accessories provide exceptional illumination for both photography and videography. Perfect for use in professional studio environments, each panel includes a U-bracket which can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or on a light stand tripod. Featuring an aesthetic design and simple setup, Boling LED bulbs are long-lasting and run cool, meaning they operate without generating excessive heat. Not only that, every Boling Panel includes a travel carry bag, diffuser and orange filters! Take your photography to the next level with the Boling range of LED Panels.

Boling LED Continuous Lighting Kits

Achieve incredible-looking photos and videos with the Boling all-in-one Continuous Lighting Kit! The perfect addition to your photography studio setup, this incredible package includes three 50W high-powered LEDs with adjustable colour temperature and brightness settings. The professional U-type bracket enables you to freely adjust and rotate the light heads to achieve the perfect lighting conditions for your next shoot. Featuring a quiet noise cooling system, the Boling Continuous Lighting Kit remains cool, even during those long extended shoots. With a lifetime of 50,000 hours, these LED bulbs are long-lasting, saving you the hassle of frequently replacing them. This cost-effective lighting solution is cheaper than conventional bulbs and significantly reduces waste in the long term. Achieving professional-looking photos and videos has never been easier or more affordable with the Boling LED Continuous Lighting Kits! Kits!

Boling Video Lighting

The Boling Pocket BL-P1 LED Video Light is the most versatile and portable LED light on the market. Perfect for use on the go, this lightweight device is made from high-strength aviation aluminium for added durability. Featuring a slim and compact design, the BL-P1 includes a wide colour range and adjustable brightness and saturation controls. The intelligent temperature control system ensures the light remains cool and doesn't overheat under unexpected high temperatures. With a battery life of 120 minutes at full output, the Boling Pocket LED Video Light is the perfect addition to your videography tool kit!

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