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ProGrade Digital

Welcome to the world of ProGrade Digital, where precision and excellence merge to create the finest memory solutions for photographers and videographers. ProGrade Digital, a brand synonymous with uncompromising quality, offers a range of memory cards and readers that cater to professionals and enthusiasts alike.
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    ProGrade CFexpress Type A and SDXC/SDHC UHS-II Dual-Slot Card Reader Gen 2 (PG-09)

    $144.99 AUD $149.00 AUD
    Very low stock
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    ProGrade CFast and SD UHS-II Dual-Slot Memory Card Reader by ProGrade Digital USB 3.2 (PG02)

    $144.99 AUD $149.00 AUD
    Low stock
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    ProGrade Digital 256GB SDXC UHS-II V90 Memory Card (Cobalt)

    $469.99 AUD $519.00 AUD
    Very low stock
  • ProGrade Digital 512GB SDXC UHS-II V90 Memory Card (Cobalt)

    $949.00 AUD
    Low stock
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    ProGrade Digital 160GB CFexpress™ 2.0 Type A Memory Card - Bundle

    $549.99 AUD $649.00 AUD
    Very low stock
  • ProGrade Digital 256GB SDXC UHS-II V60 Memory Card (Gold)

    $209.00 AUD
    Very low stock
  • ProGrade Digital 512GB SDXC UHS-II V60 Memory Card (Gold)

    $399.00 AUD
    Very low stock
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    ProGrade Digital 160GB CFexpress™ 2.0 Type A Memory Card - 2 Pack (Cobalt)

    $1,099.99 AUD $1,229.99 AUD
    Very low stock

Who Chooses ProGrade Digital?

  1. Professional Photographers: ProGrade Digital is the go-to choice for seasoned professionals who demand top-notch reliability and speed for their photography and videography projects. When every moment counts, ProGrade Digital helps them capture perfection.

  2. Passionate Enthusiasts: Photography enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on quality know that their equipment is only as good as the memory that stores their moments. ProGrade empowers them to maximise their creativity with unparalleled precision.

  3. Videographers and Content Creators: In the realm of video production, ProGrade's high-capacity and fast read/write speeds are essential for recording 4K and even 8K video without a hitch.

Pro Tips for Maximising Your ProGrade Digital Experience:

  1. Match Card Speed to Your Camera: Different cameras may benefit from specific SD card speeds. Match your ProGrade SD card to your camera's capabilities for the best performance.

  2. Use High-Capacity Cards: For extended shooting sessions, high-capacity ProGrade cards ensure you never run out of storage space, particularly essential for videographers.

  3. Keep Backup Cards: It's wise to have extra ProGrade SD cards on hand. This ensures you can seamlessly switch to a new card when one fills up, without interrupting your shoot.

  4. Reader Matters: Invest in a ProGrade card reader. These readers are optimised for their cards and ensure fast and reliable data transfer, saving you time in post-processing.

  5. Protect Your Cards: ProGrade SD cards are robust, but they still benefit from proper care. Use a dedicated SD card case to protect them from dust and damage.

  6. Format Cards in Camera: To maintain card health and performance, always format your ProGrade SD cards within your camera rather than on a computer.

  7. Regularly Back Up: Make it a habit to back up your photos and videos to a secure storage solution, ensuring you never lose precious memories or work.

Elevate your photography and videography with ProGrade Digital. Our collection of memory cards and readers empowers you to capture, store, and transfer your data with speed and reliability, ensuring your projects are a success. With ProGrade, you're investing in excellence, whether you're a professional capturing a client's vision or an enthusiast cherishing life's moments. Start your journey to photography perfection today.

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