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Spectrum is an Australian-owned and operated brand specialising in professional, studio-grade photography kits and accessories. Their affordable range of indoor studio lighting solutions, backdrops, photography tents, microphones and camera accessories are perfect for content creators wanting to improve the results of their next shoot. Whether you are interested in growing your social media accounts, website or even your YouTube channel, Spectrum has the largest range of professional photography and videography accessories to suit your needs.

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Why Spectrum?

Their range of high-quality yet affordable accessories is designed to meet the needs of content creators aiming to enhance their social media presence, website aesthetics, or YouTube channel. Spectrum boasts the largest array of professional photography and videography accessories, making it a go-to for creators seeking reliable tools.

Spectrum Aurora Ring Light

The Spectrum Aurora Ring Light provides a professional, bright and flicker-free continuous lighting solution. The singular circular fluorescent bulb emits a soft, nearly shadowless spread of light, directly from the point of view of your camera. Suitable for makeup, beauty, hair salons, vloggers, social media influencers and creative agencies, the ring light produces an attractive halo shadow that brilliantly outlines the subject for a clean and professional look. Designed to mimic natural light, the Spectrum Aurora Ring Light is an effective indoor studio lighting solution that will enable you to create incredible photos and video content without the expensive camera gear. Watch our ring ring light comparison video if you need help in deciding which ring light to purchase by clicking HERE.

Spectrum LED Panels

Spectrum LED Panels are an excellent indoor studio lighting solution. Offering continuous, high-quality lighting, transition from photo to video seamlessly without changing equipment or purchasing any expensive camera flashes. The Spectrum LED range is the most cost-effective lighting solution and uses considerably less electricity than other alternatives. Achieving the perfect lighting has never been easier or more affordable with the Spectrum continuous lighting range.

Spectrum Softbox Lighting Kits

Placed over a light source such as an LED panel, the Spectrum Softbox Lighting Kit provides a beautiful soft light that prevents glare and spots for sharper looking results. Suitable for amateur and professional photographers, this incredible tool is one of the simplest light modifiers but one of the most popular on the market. Achieve professional looking images and video content with the Spectrum range of Softbox Studio Lighting Kits available at Hypop.

Spectrum Photography Backdrops

Spectrum offer the largest range of professional, studio-grade paper and cotton muslin backdrops. Photography backdrops provide a smooth, uncluttered background to your photos and videos. They eliminate distraction and influence how your story is communicated to your audience. Suitable for almost any shooting space, backdrops are most commonly used by photographers, videographers, fashion labels, influencers and media agencies to instantly improve the look of their photos and videos. Available in various colours and designs, these versatile backgrounds are the perfect addition to your photography tool kit.


Who Benefits from Spectrum?

Spectrum's range caters to a diverse audience:

  • Content Creators: Elevate your social media presence, website visuals, or YouTube channel with Spectrum's comprehensive range of photography and videography accessories.


  • Makeup Artists & Beauty Enthusiasts: The Spectrum Aurora Ring Light provides professional-quality lighting ideal for makeup tutorials, beauty shots, and salon use.


  • Vloggers & Influencers: Create clean and professional-looking content with the Spectrum Aurora Ring Light's attractive halo effect.


  • Photographers & Videographers: Spectrum LED Panels and Softbox Lighting Kits offer seamless lighting solutions for both amateurs and professionals, reducing the need for expensive camera equipment.


  • Fashion Labels & Media Agencies: Spectrum's range of Photography Backdrops provides uncluttered backgrounds for visually appealing photos and videos, instantly improving visual storytelling.


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