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Muslin & Fabric Backdrops

Photography is all about setting the stage, and for photographers who understand the importance of versatile and stylish backdrops, muslin and fabric backdrops are the canvas for your creativity. At Hypop, we cater to photographers who appreciate the artistic impact that a backdrop can have on their images.
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    Spectrum Beige 'Pastel Palette' Muslin Backdrop 3M x 3M - Custard Tart

    $79.99 AUD $99.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Spectrum 'Pastel Palette' Beige Muslin Backdrop 3M x 6M - Custard Tart

    $99.99 AUD
    Very low stock
  • Spectrum 'Pastel Palette' Muslin Backdrop 3M x 3M - Waterfall Grey

    $55.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Save 56%

    Chroma Key Green Screen 1.0M x 3.0M Cotton Muslin Background

    $39.99 AUD $89.99 AUD
    Very low stock
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    Chroma Key Green Screen 3m x 6m Cotton Muslin Studio Backdrop

    $124.99 AUD $149.99 AUD
    In stock
  • Save 31%

    Chroma Key Green Screen 3m x 3m Cotton Muslin Backdrop

    $89.99 AUD $129.99 AUD
    In stock
  • Save 10%

    White 3m x 3m Cotton Muslin Studio Photography Video Backdrop

    $89.99 AUD $99.99 AUD
    In stock
  • Save 10%

    Black 3M x 3M Cotton Muslin Studio Backdrop

    $89.99 AUD $99.99 AUD
    In stock
  • Save 17%

    Black 3m x 6m Cotton Muslin Studio Backdrop

    $124.99 AUD $149.99 AUD
    In stock
  • Save 17%

    White 3M x 6M Cotton Muslin Studio Backdrop

    $124.99 AUD $149.99 AUD
    In stock
  • Save 6%

    Solid Grey 3M x 3M Cotton Poly Muslin Background

    $79.99 AUD $84.99 AUD
    Very low stock

Some FAQs.

  • 1. Are muslin backdrops wrinkle-free?

    Muslin backdrops are a fabric material, so it can be difficult to avoid wrinkles. We recommend Ironing or steaming before use.

  • 2. How can I store cotton muslins?

    Store in a clean, dark and dry place to avoid colour fade and the material getting dirty.

  • 3. Are cotton muslins machine washable?

    Yes! Cotton muslins can be put in the washing machine to clean them if dirty. We recommend cleaning them separately to avoid the colours running. For Hand-Dyed muslins, we recommend hand washing, as the dyeing technique used is more delicate.

  • 4. Why should I choose a fabric backdrop over paper?

    Cotton muslins are great as they are reusable, unlike their paper counterparts. This allows them to be washed if they get dirty. They are also easier to store as they can fold, and are great for travel.

  • 5. What is the colour range like?

    While the range is a little smaller in terms of colours, you have the benefit of mottled patterns, which are unavailable in the paper backdrops!

  • 6. Do you offer custom colours/sizes?

    Currently, we only offer the cotton muslins in 3x3m and 3x6m. Custom colours/sizes are not available.

  • 7. How can I hang this in the background?

    The Muslin backdrop range features a 3" Rod Pocket, which fits our 2.8mx3.0m backdrop stand found here (insert Hyperlink).

  • 8. Are muslins as professional looking as paper?

    Muslin backdrops are very professional while being on the more casual side. You can drape it over plinths/props for a very editorial look!

  • 9. Why is the colour different to what I saw online?

    Due to the nature of computer/phone screens, the colour may be different to what is featured online. We recommend coming to our showroom to see our samples in person. Alternatively, we are happy to provide photos under different lighting for more clarity on the colour.

  • 10. What are curtain backdrops for?

    The curtains are excellent to use for product photography, giving your photos a very regal/moody vibe.

Tips for Choosing the Right Muslin and Fabric Backdrops

  1. Colour and Pattern: Consider the colour and pattern that will enhance your subject and the mood of your photos. Solid colours are classic and versatile, while patterns can add character and depth to your shots.

  2. Material Matters: Muslin and fabric backdrops come in various materials, each with its unique characteristics. Muslin is a popular choice due to its durability and texture, while other fabrics like polyester offer a smoother, wrinkle-resistant surface.

  3. Size and Dimensions: Ensure that the backdrop size complements your shooting space. Depending on your style and requirements, you can opt for standard backdrop sizes or customise one to fit your specific needs.

  4. Portability and Storage: If you're frequently on the move, consider the ease of transporting and storing your backdrops. Many are foldable and come with carrying cases for convenience.

Types of Muslin and Fabric Backdrop Styles

Our Muslin and Fabric Backdrops Collection offers a wide range of styles to suit various photography techniques and user preferences. Here are some popular options:

  1. Solid Colour Backdrops: These backdrops provide a clean and unobtrusive background, making them perfect for studio and portrait photography. Choose from a variety of colours to match your subject and style.

  2. Textured Muslin Backdrops: Muslin backdrops are known for their textured, woven appearance. They create a classic and timeless look, adding depth and character to your images.

  3. Patterned Backdrops: Patterned backdrops are excellent for adding a touch of personality and style to your shots. Whether you prefer floral, abstract, or vintage patterns, there's a design to suit your vision.

  4. Chroma Key Backdrops: Chroma key backdrops come in vivid, solid colours like green or blue, perfect for green screen or background replacement work during post-production.

  5. Double-Sided Backdrops: Double-sided backdrops offer versatility by featuring two different colours or patterns on each side. Flip it to switch up your background without changing your setup.

Hypop's Muslin and Fabric Backdrops Collection empowers photographers to elevate their backdrop game with style and creativity. Whether you're a professional seeking a versatile canvas for your studio work or an enthusiast looking to add character to your portraits, our range of backdrops offers the perfect backdrop for your vision.

Explore our collection today and discover the ideal muslin or fabric backdrop to transform your photography and set the stage for captivating images. Enhance your creativity and tell your visual stories against backdrops that inspire.

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