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About Us

How It All Began

Rob may be the head honcho of Hypop. But it's Kenji, his pet and full-time resident office dog, who steals the limelight most of the time.

Launched by Rob in 2010 from just $20,000 in personal savings, Hypop – pronounced 'high pop' –  initially started as a Sydney-based online-only retailer, wholesaler and distributor of branded photo and video equipment.

The venture was a natural fit for him, and the sum of all his previous roles.

After all, the young entrepreneur had already launched other online businesses, and had plenty of experience in the retail and fashion industries. Rob was also passionate about technology and photography.

In Hypop, he was able to offer a modern brand specialising in curating quality items at a competitive price to a very niche corner of the market: entry-to-mid level photographers.

Key to Hypop's success is Chief Operating Officer Christine. Apart from being a powerhouse creative director of marketing campaigns, both physical and digital, she also happens to be his longtime sweetheart from high school!

What We Stand For 

Hypop's aim, then and now, is to curate complete product solutions, as well as give friendly advice, so customers can achieve epic shots with gear at a fraction of the price compared to more expensive brands.

Today, our range has grown to over 3000 products and SKUs. These include photography and video equipment, studio lighting, flash, continuous and LED lighting, camera accessories and paper backdrops.

With a focus on offering the best customer service in a fun and educational way, we've managed to attract a legion of fans. Increasingly, our customers are everyday content creators, rather than just professional photographers, which inspired us to create an in-house brand, Spectrum, in 2015.

In Australia, Hypop is the sole distributor of popular brands such as Gariz, Orangemonkie Foldio, and of course, our own brand Spectrum. We've also evolved from an online-only business to having a Sydney showroom in Alexandria.

None of this would be possible without our young and dynamic team. Creatives at heart, and with photographic and video expertise across a range of specialist areas, every member of our team is a total rock star. We're a family.

Our Mission Statement

To inspire people to create by providing professional caring advice and being leaders of trends in photo and video technology.

Our Brand Values

Having Knowledge: experience and energy means we are able to give you real-world advice and make the right product recommendations for your shoots.

Respect: We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.

Keeping It Real. We believe in blending expertise and technical know-how with straightforward, friendly service. We don't do 'the hard sell' or overwhelm you with tech jargon.

Creativity As Fuel For The World: we're blessed to live at a time where technology has allowed the everyday person to enjoy the art of photography and videography.

Persistence: longevity comes from sticking at something, and learning from mistakes and successes. The best way to learn is to keep absorbing as much information as we can, and staying at the forefront of the latest gear.

The Hustle: striving to get things done, big or small - ensuring we're making progress everyday.


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