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Godox V1 and V1 Pro C/N/S/F/O/P Round Head Li-Ion Master Flash

Discover the pinnacle of lighting innovation with the Godox V1 and the newly introduced Godox V1 Pro Flash. These cutting-edge flashes are engineered to elevate your photography with superior light quality and versatility. Whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiast, the Godox V1 series offers unparalleled flexibility and performance to capture stunning images under various lighting conditions.

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Godox V1 Flash - A Revolutionary Lighting Tool The Godox V1 Flash stands out with its unique round head design, providing soft, smooth light with a gradual fall-off that significantly enhances the quality of your photos. It's an indispensable tool for photographers who demand the best in lighting, offering compatibility with TTL/i-TTL systems. The Godox V1 makes it easy to achieve professional-looking results, whether in a studio setting or on location.

Godox V1 Pro Flash - Elevating Your Photography to New Heights Introducing the latest in the series, the Godox V1 Pro Flash, which builds upon the exceptional features of the Godox V1. The V1 Pro includes a detachable sub-flash, designed to offer additional fill light and improve your portrait photography. It retains the compact, on-camera design of the V1, making it easy to use and transport. The V1 Pro is specifically designed for Canon cameras, supporting E-TTL / E-TTL II for automatic exposure control, ensuring perfect lighting in every shot. With a powerful output of 76Ws, a zoom range of 28 to 105mm, 330° rotation, and a tilt range of -7 to 120°, the V1 Pro offers exceptional flexibility. The round head design guarantees uniform light distribution, allowing for creative effects and unique photographic styles.

Key Features of the Godox V1 Pro:

  • Detachable Sub-Flash: Enhances fill light for perfect portraits.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for Canon cameras with E-TTL / E-TTL II.
  • Powerful Output: 76Ws for comprehensive lighting solutions.
  • Versatile Zoom Range: From 28 to 105mm for tailored lighting setups.
  • Extensive Movement: 330° rotation and -7 to 120° tilt for maximum flexibility.
  • Uniform Light Quality: The round head ensures even light distribution.

Shop our full range of Godox V1 and V1 Pro Flash here at Hypop. Whether you're looking to create flattering portraits, dynamic action shots, or detailed product photography, the Godox V1 series has you covered. Elevate your photography with the cutting-edge design and advanced features of the Godox V1 and V1 Pro Flash. Discover the difference in your photography today!

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