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Hypop continues to deliver what photographers need with the latest range of Ilford films. Whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiast, our diverse selection of Ilford films caters to all your creative needs. Discover the unique features and superior performance of Ilford films, including Ilfocolor Cine Tone, Ilfochrome Color Reversal, HP5 Plus, XP2 Super, and FP4 35mm film in both 24 and 36 exposures.
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Why Choose Our Film Products?

  1. Unparalleled Quality: We offer only the best Ilford films, stored at the correct temperature, to ensure superior performance and stunning results every time.

  2. Wide Selection: Our extensive range of films caters to various photographic needs, from colour and black and white to different exposure options.

  3. Expert Support: Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you in selecting the right film for your specific requirements.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Enjoy top-quality film products at competitive prices, making your film photography experience both affordable and rewarding.


Explore Our Different Types of Ilford Film

Ilfocolor Cine Tone

Capture the essence of classic colour film with Ilfocolor Cine Tone. Perfect for both cinematographers and photographers, this film delivers vibrant colours, fine grain, and excellent contrast, providing a cinematic touch to your images. Ideal for dynamic scenes, Ilfocolor Cine Tone stands out in any collection.

Ilfochrome Color Reversal

Experience the extraordinary colour accuracy and high contrast of Ilfochrome Color Reversal film. Known for producing vivid, lifelike images, this slide film is a top choice for photographers seeking a striking visual appeal. Elevate your portfolio or gallery with the stunning results of Ilfochrome Color Reversal.

HP5 Plus

Ilford's HP5 Plus is a versatile black-and-white film favoured for its high speed (ISO 400), wide exposure latitude, and rich detail. Perfect for portraits, landscapes, and street photography, it offers fine grain and superb tonal range, making it a reliable choice for diverse lighting conditions.

XP2 Super

Enjoy the classic look of black and white photography with the convenience of C41 processing using XP2 Super. This film produces sharp, detailed images with minimal grain, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced photographers. XP2 Super combines traditional aesthetics with modern processing ease.

FP4 35mm Film (24 and 36 Exposures)

FP4 is renowned for its medium speed (ISO 125), ultra-fine grain, and outstanding sharpness. Available in 24 and 36 exposures, FP4 is perfect for studio work, outdoor shoots, and a variety of photographic applications. Its superior image quality and consistency make it a favourite among film enthusiasts.

Begin Your Film Journey Here

At Hypop, we are dedicated to providing high-quality Ilford film products that inspire creativity. Explore our selection of Ilfocolor Cine Tone, Ilfochrome Color Reversal, HP5 Plus, XP2 Super, and FP4 35mm films to find the perfect match for your artistic vision. Enhance your photography with the exceptional performance and unique characteristics of Ilford films, available now at Hypop.

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