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Hypop Green Screen Lighting Studio Kit

Last Updated 3rd September 2015

We’re happy to introduce the new Hypop Green Screen Kit, in conjunction with Education Technology Solutions we’ve custom tailored the ideal kit for professional chroma key green screening. Achieve the perfect results with the Jinbei EF200 twin heads. At a staggering 20,000 LUX per metre (per head) it packs a punch. Paired with the 60cm x 90cm soft boxes, you’re able to achieve a wide even spread of light to illuminate the entire backdrop.

The EF-200 has a very impressive output; its 200W high powered LED light source emits 5600K of light, the equivalent of approx. 2000W tungsten light. Cutting energy usage to about 90% & with over 100000 hours of life, it is an environmentally friendly lighting solution.

Also included in this kit is our heavy duty backdrop stand. These stands have a 8kg weight capacity – which means you can mount a range of backdrops, from cotton muslin, vinyls & paper backdrops (which usually weight approx. 6kg). Another great inclusion are the 2.4 metre light stands. This enables great height, adjustable for reach.

The kit offers your choice of either (3m x 6m) cotton muslin or a chroma key green non reflective paper backdrop (2.7m x 10m.)


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