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Softbox Light Showdown 2024: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Last Updated 29th February 2024


Remember that time we delved into different lighting modifiers in one of our most viewed videos a while back? Well, guess what? It’s time for a refresher! With new contenders from brands like Godox, Aputure, and Spectrum hitting the market, we’re eager to give you the scoop on the latest softboxes.

Setting the Scene

We kept things simple with a one-light setup featuring our trusty QT1200W Godox strobe. Our model struck poses against a full-sized Spectrum seamless paper backdrop, giving us the perfect canvas to assess each softbox's performance.



The Testing Process

For each softbox, we captured three shots:

Wide shot: Providing context on a physical scale, light placement, and spill.


Medium shot: Analysing how the light fell on our model.


Close-up shot: Examining the catchlight effects up close and personal.


Plus, we took some lifestyle shots to give you a feel for how these modifiers performed in real-world scenarios.



The Contenders


Spectrum Pro 85cm Beauty Dish: 

Known for its punchy, contrasty light, this beauty dish comes with a diffusion layer for a softer touch.



Aputure LightDome 120cm Octagon

A versatile staple in many studios, this softbox promises natural-looking catchlights and flexibility in different shooting situations.



Spectrum Pro 120cm Parabolic Softbox:

Delivers even, flattering light, this parabolic softbox is a go-to for various photography and videography needs.



Godox 80x120cm Rectangle Softbox:

Sporting a unique rectangular catchlight, this softbox mimics natural window light and is suited for both portrait and product photography.


Aputure 30x120cm Strip Box:

With its ability to sculpt light, this strip box added sophistication to our shots, perfect for edge lighting or contouring.


Godox 85cm Lantern Softbox

Offering a wide spill of light, this lantern softbox is ideal for portraits or ambient lighting scenarios.

Beyond the Softboxes: Umbrellas and More

We didn't stop at softboxes! We also took a look at umbrellas, including:

Spectrum 110cm Convertible Umbrella (Shoot Through):

Switching between shoot-through and reflective styles, this umbrella offers versatility.



Godox 130cm White Umbrella (Bounce):

Delivered soft, enveloping light in a parabolic style.


Plus, we explored some unconventional modifiers like diffusion rolls and scrim diffusers because why stick to the ordinary?



120cm Diffusion Roll: 

Ideal for producing smooth gradations of light, perfect for diffusing sunlight or studio lighting.



Spectrum 240x240cm Large Sun Scrim:

Offering the softest light possible, great for evenly lighting up large spaces or backgrounds.



Spectrum XPress V-Flat (Shoot Through): 

Providing versatility, this modifier can be used as a bounce or negative fill, adding control over lighting.


Spectrum 85cm Beauty Dish (Butterfly Lighting): 

Perfect for creating dramatic, flattering light, commonly used in beauty and fashion photography.

Aputure 30x120cm Strip Box (Perpendicular): 

Ideal for creating contouring or edge lighting effects, adding dimension to your subject.


Godox 85cm Lantern Softbox (Overhead): 

Offering a wide spill of light, suitable for overhead lighting setups or illuminating large areas evenly.


Final Thoughts

As the softbox landscape continues to evolve, our field test insights equip you to choose the perfect modifier for your next shoot. For further exploration and in-depth learning on softbox comparison, don't miss our 2024 Ultimate Softbox Showdown video.

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