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What equipment you need for make up & beauty videos/photos

Last Updated 9th September 2015

A question we get asked a lot is what equipment do you need for make up & beauty videos/photos. We have the answer! Carefully tailored in conjunction with budding vloggers/make up artists etc is the The Hypop Beauty & Make Up LED Ring Lighting Kit, it provides a bright & flicker free continuous lighting solution perfect for makeup & beauty photography or videography.

The ring light emits 3850 lumens per metre & a RA of 90+. Measuring 50cm, it offers an even spread of light, perfect for beauty & make up, portrait etc. Stepless control also enables you to adjust the brightness to desired effect. It provides a beautiful soft white light for mistake proof lighting.  What you see is what you get. Below are actual examples taken with the kit. You can see that up close there is a beautiful soft diffused effect, with a subtle circle that can be seen in the eyes.


Paired with the light is our heavy duty 2.4 metre light stand & camera mounting bracket. The mounting bracket allows you to shoot directly through the ring – acting as a multi-purpose stand or tripod equivalent.

Filming isn’t an issue, as there is no flicker with the ring. Also included in this kit are 2 x Aputure AL-528 LED panels (used as fill lights), these help you achieve complete professional finish photos & videos. Rob from Hypop tests the light out in the video below – take a look.

For more information on this kit, please visit us at or give us a call on 1300 449 767.

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