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How To Select The Correct Godox Flash Strobe Lighting Kit for Photography

Published 14th December 2021

Selecting the right Godox Flash Lighting Kit for your photography needs doesn’t have to be complicated. The range of lighting options from Godox covers everything you need for high-quality lighting results in a home or professional studio. What we love most about Godox products is that they cover the whole spectrum of flash lighting for beginners through to professional photographers, making finding the correct lighting a breeze. If you're working in a studio environment or shooting portraits, products or weddings, Godox has made the selection process child's play. We have a comprehensive range of Godox studio strobe lighting kits to suit every genre and skill level. Let's take a look at some of our favourites and why they may be right for you too. 

Show Us Your Skills

A key element to any photography setup is determining the best lighting kits required for your studio. Beginners, enthusiasts and professional photographers all have the same basic needs; they just need reliable lighting to get the perfect shot. A great starting point is considering a Godox studio flash lighting kit that includes everything you need to get started (strobes, softboxes, triggers and stands). 

Beginners undertaking product, portrait or food photography will likely be working from a home studio. The Godox ‘Home Studio’ Starter 600W Studio Lighting Kit is a great kit for beginners just starting out. It's a hugely popular kit as it includes a pair of Godox MS300 300W Studio Flash Strobe Heads with Bowens mount, for 600W of total power. The Godox Home Studio Kit also includes a pair of Large 60cm x 90cm Rectangle Softboxes with Grid Light Modifiers designed to diffuse and direct the lighting. The kit also comes with a Godox X2T TTL HSS Wireless Camera Flash Trigger that provides remote control of your strobe system via the camera to complete the kit. It also includes Heavy Duty 260cm light stands, so you can finely tune the placement and angles of your lighting.

Moving to the Godox Mid-Level 800W Studio Flash Lighting Kit - 2x DP400II 400W this is ideal for enthusiasts looking to achieve high-quality photos for Fashion and Lifestyle photography. The stars of the Godox Mid-Level Kit are the Godox DP-400III 400W Studio Flash Strobe Heads. These lights are powerful enough to control light and exposure in a mid-size studio environment. They also offer faster recycle times than the ‘Starter’ lighting kit so are great for more fast-paced shooting. The kit also features the Godox X2T TTL HSS Wireless Camera Flash Trigger, a couple of 260cm Heavy Duty Light Stands, and, of course, two Large 95cm Godox Collapsible Softboxes with Grids to modify light. 

Finally, let's take a look at the best professional strobe light kit available that is ideal for Fashion and large professional photography set ups. The Godox Professional 800W (2x QT400IIM) Studio Flash Lighting Kit takes studio-quality lighting seriously thanks to the powerful Godox QT400IIM 400W HSS Flash Strobe Light Heads. With 5600K colour rendition and insanely fast High-Speed Sync speeds as short as 1/8000 sec, you'll never miss a shot. The Godox Profesional Kit includes the pro-grade Godox XPro TTL 2.4G TCM HSS Transmitter Camera Flash Trigger, a pair of Large 120cm Godox Collapsible Softbox and a couple of 260cm Heavy Duty Light Stands.

Keen To Travel?

One of the common misconceptions is that professional and high-quality lighting kits are only to be used in a studio setting. The reality is that Godox also develops a range of impressive strobe lighting kits that are highly portable. If your photography assignments are likely to take you to locations other than your studio, it's worth considering the flexibility of a portable lighting kit. Another benefit of portable kits is that they feature collapsible elements that are easy to transport and store. If, like me, you need to pack up your home studio to make way for dinner time, having portable lighting options and studio equipment that can be easily stored is a no brainer. 

Thankfully, there is a wide range of portable lighting kits with varying power outputs to suit your work style. The Godox AD200 Pro Kits are a great starting point for Wedding and Real Estate photographers looking for powerful yet portable strobe setups. We currently offer three versions of the kit, with the Godox Witstro AD200Pro 200W Cordless Portable Outdoor TTL Flash Strobe being the star. It supports all leading camera brands with wireless syncing via the built-in 2.4GHz X wireless TTL system with a 100m range. The three kits include the Godox Witstro AD200Pro 200W Cordless Portable Outdoor TTL Flash Strobe With BD-07 Barndoor Honeycomb Set, Godox 2x AD200Pro Witstro 200W Cordless Portable TTL Flash Strobes & Stand Kit With XPro Trigger, and the Godox AD200Pro 200W Flash Pro Round Head Extension Kit With Stand

If you're looking for a portable strobe lighting kit with a bit more punch and power, the Godox AD400Pro Witstro Portable Strobe Kit is an excellent all-in-one solution. You can achieve a lot with a single strobe, especially when shooting portraits indoors or out. The AD400Pro Kit features the highly popular Godox AD400Pro that pairs seamlessly with all camera brands thanks to the included XPro TTL Wireless Flash Trigger. The kit also consists of a Heavy Duty light stand, Godox 85cm AD-S85S Deep Parabolic Softbox, and a range of reflectors and diffusers. 

The final Godox portable strobe light kit we recommend for on and off-location shoots is the Godox 2x AD600Pro Professional 1200W Portable Studio Flash Lighting Kit. Turn night into day thanks to the pair of Godox AD600Pro strobe lights, each delivering a mighty 600W of power output and fast sync rates. The Godox AD600Pro Kit includes a Godox XPro TTL 2.4G TCM HSS Transmitter Camera Flash Trigger, a pair of Heavy Duty Light stands, and two Godox Large Collapsible Octagon Softbox with Grid Light Modifier (Bowens). This kit is perfect for those looking for a powerful light that can work in bright sunlight. Making it great for outdoor location shoots but also adaptable for indoor studio environments. 

Lighting For Days

We have a range of Godox lighting kits that feature one, two, or three powerful Godox strobes. A simple way to match the number of strobes you need is based on your experience level and also what you are shooting. A single light kit such as the Godox AD600Pro Professional Portable Single Studio Flash Lighting Kit is a powerful lighting combo ideal for portrait photography as you can add drama and shadow with this single light setup. The kit includes a light stand, Godox trigger and softbox, making it ideal for a small studio space and is also portable for photographers on the go. For a more even lighting set-up we recommend opting for the 2x Godox AD600Pro Witstro Studio Flash Strobe Light & Stand Kit With XPro Trigger. With two lights, you have optimal control over ambient and directional lighting.  

The final kit that we recommend is well suited to professional photographers looking to capitalise on a multi-strobe set up to have total control of exposure, ambience and dynamic lighting. The three-light Godox 3x AD600B Witstro TTL 2.4GHz Studio Flash Strobe Light & Stand Kit With X2 Trigger allows for placement of multiple lights around a subject for masterful lighting outcomes. The disadvantage of having so many lights is that it takes trial and error to master multi-light triggering and exposures. Plus, you'll need a decent size studio to house and place this kind of large kit so it is not for the faint of heart. A three light setup is ideal though as it helps you achieve balanced lighting from every angle.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

One of the most significant challenges photographers face is how much light output do I need? All strobe lights have a power rating, usually in Watts, and to make things even easier, the team at Godox have used the Wattage in the model number for each strobe. Beyond that, it's tricky to know what sort of power you need for each type of shoot. Sometimes, a shoot demands a subtle application of introduced lighting, perhaps to complement the existing ambient or natural light falling through a window. Other times, you need a punchy light to work in harsh or dynamic lighting conditions. Fortunately, most strobes allow you to adjust the power output, so if you get a higher wattage light you can always dial it back to suit your needs.

If you're shooting indoor portraits or products, you don't always need the brightest light in your kit. You can achieve stunning and moody portraits with a single low power strobe that adds just the right amount of light to define the bone structure and add depth and contrast. A great 200W low power option for this type of shoot is the AD200Pro or for a little more punch the AD300Pro 300W. The flip side is shooting portraits outdoors in super harsh light. In these situations, you often need a more powerful lighting combination to 'beat the sun'  and provide directional light on a subject even when shooting directly into sunlight. The Godox 2x AD600pro Professional 1200W Portable Flash Lighting Kit allows you to combine the pair of strobes for 1200W of power while employing 1/8000s high-speed sync for ultimate exposure compensation.  

Need For Speed 

One of the most significant learning opportunities for any photographer is understanding how your strobe system keeps pace with your camera shutter speed. Fortunately, many of the strobe lighting kits mentioned in this article feature High-Speed Sync speeds of up to 1/8000 sec. So if you're photographing fast-paced action in a studio or working in a bright outdoor setting, the strobe light will match the shutter speed of your camera. On-camera speedlights can't reach this kind of speed, nor do they have a recycle time as a powerful strobe has. The recycle time is the time it takes for a speedlight, flash or strobe to build enough energy for a full-powered burst of light. 

If you're shooting fast action such as sports, fitness, dance or anything on the move, you'll do well with a Godox Pro Kit such as the Godox 2x QT400IIW (800W) HSS Flash Strobe Lighting Kit. That's where high powered Godox strobe lights make all the difference. Not only do they feature fast sync speeds, but they feature incredibly fast recycle times. Each Godox QT400II M HSS Flash Strobe boasts a 0.05 - 0.9s extremely fast recycling time with a 1/316 - 1/28984s ultra-short flash duration and over ten continuous flashes per second.

Final Thoughts

When we started as professional photographers working in a home studio, we had to learn the hard way with what lights and lighting kits we needed to get the results we wanted. From that experience, our best advice is to start small and build your kit as your experience, skillset, and needs increase. We began with on-camera flash units and then moved up to wireless flash triggers, strobes and light modification kits. Regardless of where you are on your photography journey, the range of Godox lighting available is well worth investing in. They do what you need them to do without compromise. The result is a more polished and refined set of images, no matter your audience. 

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