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Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash vs. Godox V1 Round Head Speedlight: Comparison Guide

Last Updated 28th January 2022

Lighting plays a vital role in photography. After all, only a well-lit frame can deliver bright, clear, and vibrant imagery. As photographers, we’re always looking for ways to add different lighting equipment to our kits, ensuring we have the perfect lighting setup for other shooting scenes. 

Two must-have pieces of lighting equipment in your kit are pocket flashes and speedlights. The primary function of a pocket flash is to deliver just the right level of ambiance. It can significantly enhance your photographs with just the right amount of light in the frame. On the other hand, a speedlight is an on-camera flash; it is convenient for shooting in low-lit indoor spaces. 

If you’re wondering which pocket flash and speed light to invest in, we have two suggestions that could be right for you - the Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash and the Godox V1 Round Head Speedlight. However, since both types of lighting have similar functions, which one should you invest in?

That’s precisely what we’ll help you with today. So, while we talk about pocket flash vs speedlight, let’s also look at both products’ features, benefits, and key differences. Let’s get started:


Godox V1 Round Head Speedlight

Perfect for those looking for a flexible on-camera speed light, this Godox V1 Round Head Speedlight comes with a hot shoe and is apt for cameras from top brands such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Fujifilm, and Olympus. The speed light features compatible triggers (X1, X2, and X-Pro) for relevant camera brands. So if you’re covering events, the Godox V1 can be operated via the hot-shoe without you having to worry about the triggers. 

The Godox V1 features a unique, hybrid design and comes with a round head that delivers a soft, smooth light. It gracefully illuminates the subject, adding depth to the imagery. In addition, it is equipped with a powerful battery that offers 480 full-power flashes so that you don’t miss out on any action. 

You can use the speedlight as a direct flash for intense, street-style illumination. Alternatively, you can bounce its light off the ceiling to add a subtle yet impressive glow to the subject. Either way, you’re assured bright shooting ambience and top-quality imagery with vibrant colour replication. Moreover, the picture-perfect imagery would only require minimal editing, making for quicker post-production.


Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash

If you’re looking for a compact pocket flash that’s packed with the best features, the Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash is just perfect. It can instantly enhance the scene with its powerful light and can be used to capture dramatic portrait shots. In addition, the pocket flash can be easily paired with natural light or other lighting equipment to create an even-toned, balanced look.

Compared to its predecessor (the AD200), this pocket flash features a sleek form factor and better features. The compact size of pocket flash makes it easy to carry around for outdoor shoots. These lights are straightforward to use - it turns on with a single click and unlocks with a scroll. It comes with an easy-to-read LCD that allows you to control lighting conditions according to shooting requirements. Since it is compatible with the AKR1, you can also mount this portable flashlight onto a Godox S2-type bracket with softboxes.

The Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash comes with a round, zoomable fresnel head that allows you to modify the inventory of light. You can choose to concentrate the light or generate a softer spill without the modifier. You can also pair it with other Godox gear to get the best of the pocket flash. It makes a perfect accent light and is the best for form, functionality and performance. Moreover, you get all this at a reasonable price!


Key Similarities and Differences

The Godox V1 and Godox AD100Pro come with similarities and differences. Let’s understand these better so that you’ll be able to figure out which one fits your working requirements best:



  • High-speed sync compatibility of up to 1/8000 of a second. 
  • Both feature round head flashes. 
  • The AD100Pro and V1 speedlight are compatible with TTL.
  • Both are compatible with the AKR-1 accessories kit.
  • They feature the same battery - a powerful 2600 milliamp lithium-ion battery. The battery model for both is the same, and you can also use the batteries interchangeably.
  • User Friendly design that is easy to use
  • Built in 2.4G Wireless 
  • Compatible with Godox X system triggers, allowing you to shoot off-camera.
  • Both feature a modeling lamp
  • both include everything you need to get started - the battery, charger, and the battery case.
  • Both compatible with the Godox S2 bracket 



  • V1 features a hot shoe for on camera mounting opposed to the monoblock style of the AD100Pro
  • AD100Pro has a stronger output 100Ws compared to V1’s 76Ws
  • While both models have the same maximum recycle time of 1.5s the AD100Pro offers faster recycle times in real world testing scenarios
  • V1 in testing has some misfiring issues of up to 3 seconds
  • The V1 does not cool as effectively as the AD100Pro so is more prone to overheating
  • V1 is easy to mount on and off camera but is not as reliable as the AD100Pro
  •  The AD100Pro would cost you $424 AUD/ $299 USD, and the V1 comes at $389 AUD / $259 USD
  • AD100Pro has more wireless groups 
  • AD100Pro is slightly heavier than the V1 (524g vs 530g)
  • Due to lower output the V1 gives your more full power flashes on a single battery charge (480 vs 360)


Specifications Table For Better Comparison Between Models

We’ve listed a comparison chart so that you can compare the specifications and make an informed choice:













Recycle Time

approx. 1.5s

0.01s - 1.5s

Modelling Light 

Yes, LED

Yes, LED 1.8W

Built in 2.4G Wireless



Wireless Channels



Wireless Groups







Yes, 1/8000s

Yes, 1/8000s

Full Power Flashes



Weight (With Battery)




Rechargeable 2600mAh Li-ion

Rechargeable 2600mAh Li-ion 


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an on-camera speedlight, you can entirely rely on the Godox V1 Round Head Speedlight. But if you’re looking for equipment that would add punch in indoor and outdoor shooting environments, you need to choose the Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash. Consider your camera’s shutter speed and HSS before you invest in any lighting equipment.



Both the lighting models come with their features and benefits, giving you creative freedom and flexibility. The Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash is great for studio lighting, whereas the Godox V1 Round Head Speedlight is perfect for on-camera and off-camera usage like wedding and event photography. Both models are well-equipped to deliver in different shooting conditions. The lighting results vary, so you can choose one that best fits your shooting requirements. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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