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Beginner’s Guide to Setting up a YouTube Studio

Last Updated 3rd November 2021

So, you have decided to start a Youtube channel but have been faced with an overwhelming amount of information about what you need. Have no fear; we are here to make it easy and break down the basics of creating a YouTube Studio. 

YouTube and video content are certainly on the rise, with people flocking to social media platforms to showcase their favourite photography hacks, cooking skills, what their cat is doing today, and so much more. There is no subject too small, and with an average of 2 billion monthly Youtube users per month, now is the perfect time to get filming and set up your Youtube studio so you can start sharing your content. 


We are well versed in all the best beginner YouTube tips. For a seamless video recording experience, we recommend having a proper studio in place. In your YouTube studio, you’ll have all the equipment you need to capture those fantastic videos. And if you’re wondering how to get started with all the must-haves in your studio, we’re here to help! We’ve listed down some of the audio, video and other YouTube equipment to get started in the business. What’s more, the best beginner YouTube setup doesn’t have to cost the earth!



Every great channel has to start with an idea. Picking what your video content will be can sometimes be the hardest part. Try looking at what you are passionate about. Do you have a flair for cooking, telling a story and taking people on a journey?

Picking something you know about will help you produce quality content and will keep your audience engaged. Maintaining a regular schedule to keep your audience and the YouTube algorithm watching is also worth noting. Don’t overwhelm yourself with an ambitious schedule, pick what will work for you. It is more important to consistently release quality content over spontaneous posting. Remember, if you choose a subject you love, you’ll never have to work another day in your life and will avoid Youtube creative burnout.


Setting the Scene

Now that you know the type of content you will create, you need to set the perfect backdrop. We know that YouTube video creation typically takes place when inspiration strikes or motivation kicks in. Regardless of creating travel blogs, gaming tutorials, interviews, or sit-down conversations, the background is key to clean and engaging content. If working from a home studio, you’ll likely want a larger backdrop to hide household clutter. On the other hand, if working from a different location, we recommend something more portable.


Next, you have to consider the best choices for your YouTube backdrop setup. You can choose the Spectrum’ Instant Studio’ Pull Down Chroma Key Green Screen; the Green Screen replacement gives real gaming feel to a stream. You can also select the portable Collapsible Portable Green Screen Backdrop with Chair Attachment for a more convenient setup. For makeup videos, you can opt for a pull-up Spectrum ‘Passport Master’ Pull Up. Another excellent alternative for beauty and fashion vlogs is the Spectrum Marshmallow White Non-Reflective Half Length Paper Roll Backdrop (1.36x x 10m).



Lighting can make or break your content. Bad lighting is a big turn off for Youtube videos, so investing in quality continuous LED lighting is key. You don’t want to lose followers and viewers because of poor lighting - especially when there are so many affordable lighting options out there.

While natural lighting is ideal, unfortunately, controlling the weather is beyond reach. Therefore, using continuous lighting will keep your content consistent and not dependent on the forecast.


You can opt for continuous lighting equipment for bright and even illumination, such as this Volkwell Triple Rectangle Softbox 3 x 135W Bulb Continuous Lighting Kit. Alternatively, choose a dual light kit such as Volkwell Dual LED Bi-Coloured Dimmable Softbox Set With Remote. For makeup tutorials and other such videos, where you require a detailed closeup look of your face, you can choose a Spectrum Aurora 13” Mini Pearl III Complete Make Up & Beauty Studio Ring Light Soft box Photo & Video Lighting Kit. You can place this ring light right opposite yourself so that you get a clear, well-lit frame. It will also make your skin tones pop.


One of the most popular choices for continuous lighting used by YouTubers is the Godox UL60 Silent LED Video Light (5600K). The versatile light features a Bowens mount, so you can add lighting accessories such as a softbox or grid. The UL60 is also a silent light so you won’t need to worry about fan noise while shooting. We recommend positioning two or more of the Godox UL60 Silent LED Video Light (5600K) at different angles to act as a key light, fill light and backlight.


If you’re looking to create a colourful YouTube video setup, you can consider using the Dual Boiling BL-P1 Desktop Video Skype Setup With RGB Light and Desk Stand. RGB creative lighting can make or break a YouTube video, especially when sharing on social media. Use the Hypop Complete YouTube’ Home Studio’ Portable LED Lighting and Pop Up Kit to add more drama to your videos. These lights can be placed behind the camera, sides, or even in the background to add dynamic interest. The key to lighting success is to experiment well before you hit record on a live stream.



Along with lighting, audio is one of the most important elements of video production. This is particularly the case for ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) content that relies heavily on crystal clear audio. Crystal clear, glitch-free audio is what your viewers expect, and you have to take all the efforts you can to deliver this in your videos. Simply because your voice is the medium via which you convey your thoughts to the audience – and the audio quality is vital for seamless communication.


Some of our top suggestions for audio equipment are from the brand Boya. You can choose the camera-mounted Boya BY-BM3030 On-Camera Shotgun YouTube Microphone to slide into the hot-shoe. Or, for podcasts, select a tabletop Boya BY-PM700SP USB Condenser Microphone For USB/Type-C/Lighting or RODE NT-USM Mini Studio Quality USB Microphone. For an ultra-compact and discreet option, the Boya BY-M1DM Dual Omni-Directional Lavalier Mic attaches to your clothing. Each of these audio tools can be used separately or in combination for better, enhanced audio quality.


If your content is filmed on the go - such as travel vlogs - then you can opt for a compact kit like the Boya BY-VG350 Smartphone Vlogger Kit Plus With BY-MM1+Mic, LED Light & Accessories. And then, of course, there is the Rode Vlogger Kit Universal Edition With Videomicro (3.5mm). These all-inclusive kits contain just the right accessories you need for a seamless vlogging experience. Additionally, with all the equipment and accessories in these kits, you’re sure to have enhanced, top-notch quality audio supporting your video content.


With the knowledge you have just acquired, you are well on your way with a wealth of information to become a YouTuber. Don’t think you need the biggest budget you get started. For example, if you don’t have the money for a camera, you can use your phone and invest in lighting equipment and audio. As you progress, you can think of getting yourself a mirrorless or DSLR camera. You have so many camera options out there, curated for bloggers and YouTubers. 

Next comes your background – you can’t clutter your background with too many things to distract the audience. If you plan to have some objects in the background, make sure they are related to your channel or the content you create. Irrelevant stuff won’t add value, so choose minimalism when it comes to the backdrop of your video.


You can also try adding animation or special FX to your videos editing process. It makes them more watchable and exciting. If you keep churning out the typical style of content every time, your viewers might get bored. You need to spice things up in your videos with these different effects, not only to keep your audience hooked but also to set your videos apart from thousands of others out there.


Summing Up

When it comes to creating stunning and compelling content on YouTube, the only limitation is your imagination. Over time, the gear you need will take care of itself as you build and refine your ultimate YouTube studio. To get started, if you have a phone in your pocket, then you already have the best starter kit. Above all else, get out there to create content, build your audience and make your mark on the topics you’re most passionate about.

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