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VisibleDust stands at the pinnacle of digital camera sensor maintenance, offering the most scientifically advanced sensor cleaning system available. This esteemed Canadian company leverages extensive biochip research to innovate the process of removing dust from the delicate surfaces of digital SLR sensors. Their suite of products is renowned for delivering pristine sensor cleanliness efficiently and safely.
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The advanced Sensor Cleaning System by VisibleDust is acclaimed for being the safest, most economical, and highly efficient option for photographers. It is a result of their commitment to applying biochip knowledge towards developing scientifically proven solutions. Their product range, backed by exceptional customer service and high standards, includes the revolutionary Sensor Brush®, which employs a patent-pending procedure to attract dry dust through enhanced static-electric charges.

VisibleDust has significantly contributed to the sensor cleaning industry by introducing groundbreaking products like the Arctic Butterfly®, travel-safe cleaning solutions, swabs, and the Quasar™ Sensor Loupe®. These products underscore their dedication to research and development, ensuring top-quality DSLR cleaning products tailored specifically for digital sensors.

Their lineup, including the Sensor Brush®, Arctic Butterfly® (Super Bright), Quasar™ Sensor Loupe®, Sensor Clean™, VDust Plus™, Smear Away™, and specialised VisibleDust Swabs™ for wet cleaning, exemplifies the innovative spirit of VisibleDust. They offer photographers worldwide a comprehensive toolkit for maintaining their camera sensors in immaculate condition, thus embodying VisibleDust's commitment to excellence in the field of sensor maintenance technology.
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