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Video Lighting Kits

At Hypop, we specialise in high-quality Video Lighting Kits to suit every style of creative project. Our range of video lighting kits provides complete solutions to your lighting needs. Regardless of working indoors in a studio or outdoors on the go, correct video lighting equipment is the key to success. We stock a comprehensive range of products, including continuous lights such as LED panels, fluorescent softboxes and COB LEDs. 

At Hypop we stock LED Video Lighting that features precise colour accuracy and high CRI ratings to give you the best results every time. Depending on the scale of your creative project, we offer solutions that include two-light setups, three-point lighting kits and complete lighting kits with backdrops and stands included.


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Don’t Get Caught Out with Bad Video Lighting

Looking your best on a video call requires excellent lighting. A high-quality lighting setup is essential for all content creators and the ever-increasing work-from-home professional. At Hypop, we specialise in Skype and Zoom Video Conferencing Kits, Continuous LED lights and complete YouTube Home Studio Kits.

With video content monopolising social media and an increase in working from home, it has never been more important to get quality lighting setups. At Hypop, our range of professional lights is easily adaptable for a variety of genres. However, for the ultimate video lighting kit, we highly recommend any of the Aputure kits. Particularly the LS C120D II Pro Kits, which caters to professional videography and film work. In addition to finding the best continuous or LED video lighting kit, ensure you get a pro background kit as well. Check-in with our expert team for advice on which photography and video backdrops would be best for you.

Invest in Quality LED Video Lighting

There are benefits of using a LED video light over a flash. For starters, LED lights come in various shapes, panel sizes and configurations, including COB and SMD LEDs. While there are the premium models, for a more affordable option, we also stock a range of fluorescent softbox style video lights for those dipping their toes in the water or who don't have a large production budget. At Hypop, we stock a range of kits to suit any budget or project. If you are after some expert knowledge, speak with our friendly team well-versed in all our lighting products.

Speak to Hypop Team - Dial 1300 449 767

Buy Video Lighting at YOUR Financial Convenience

At Hypop, we understand the cost involved in setting up a home studio or creative space for content creation. What's more, shopping for essential equipment such as video lighting gets expensive quickly. Products that significantly enhance the production values tend to have an enhanced price too. That's why we strive to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices. What's more, we offer a range of flexible financing options to get you out behind your camera faster.

With this much flexibility, you can transfer the complete payment online or pay it in instalments. It couldn't be simpler - the choice is yours, and the Hypop team will support you throughout the process.

Ask An Expert 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is a good beginner video lighting kit?

    We recommend the double or triple ‘Illuminate Mate’ softbox lighting setup for beginners. They are easy to use and great for photographers and videographers at any level.

  • 2. What is bi-colour lighting?

    Bi-Colour lights are lights that have colour temperature variability, so you can adjust from warm (tungsten) to cool (Natural Daylight/Cool light) and everything in between. This can help you emulate different times of the day or for stylistic effect.

  • 3. Can you create custom light kits?

    Yes, feel free to contact our customer service team for more information on creating custom lighting kits to suit your needs.

  • 4. Do you offer product warranty?

    Yes, all of our video lighting and equipment comes with a one year Australian standard warranty.

  • 5. How long is shipping?

    We offer a fast turnaround time on all our video lighting equipment. It will take approx 1 to 7 business days to arrive, depending on your address (rural or metro) and stock status.

  • 6. Can I visit your showroom?

    Yes, you can visit our Sydney showroom, located in Alexandria, Sydney, only 4km from the Sydney CBD and 4km from the Sydney Domestic Airport. We're also a short 700m walking distance from Green Square Station along the Airport Line, one station from Central.

    Please visit us from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Also, do not hesitate to call us to check stock availability on 1300 449 767.

    For more directions on the showroom location, click here.

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