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Browse our range of Syrp gear including the popular Genie Motion Control Time Lapse Device, Genie Mini, Magic Carpet and More.
Born from a passion for film-making and a lack of portable, user-friendly equipment, Syrp design stabilizers and gimbals using a film-maker-first approach so you can create better films.


Syrp Genie One – The Original

The original Genie became the benchmark for motion control. The new Genie One features the latest technology, wireless control, and new Syrp app. But it retains many much-loved features of the original: solid build, superb battery performance, reliability, etc.

Syrp Genie Mini

The Genie Mini smart motion device is simple-to-use, perfect for creating superb motion time-lapse and panorama shots, as well as videography. Developed from the hugely popular and successful first-generation Mini, the new Mini is now more powerful than ever! Get incredible results with the smallest and most powerful motion control device.

Genie Mini II

Pocket-sized motion control! The simple-to-use Genie Mini II is portable and gives you smooth panning motion time-lapse shots and video. The Genie Mini II has many powerful features: pan and tilt motion, automated turntable, keyframe motion control, and 360° panorama mode.

Do More - Buy Syrp Genie Accessories

Get the most from Syrp stabilizers and gimbals with the Syrp range of compatible accessories: motion control, camera sliders, and cable cams.

Time Motion Control Accessories

The Magic Carpet Pro range is ideal for the needs of pro filmmakers and includes durable sliders for silky smooth professional tracking and carbon sliders that are versatile and feather-light for time-lapse photography. 
Syrp’s circular polarizing filter removes harsh reflective light, and their SND and Super Dark VND filters slow shutter speed to capture the true beauty of motion.
Shooting in bright light conditions? Try Syrp’s ND Large Filter and Variable ND Filter for superb results.
Syrp has everything you need to get the best motion control photography and video results!
Shop our range of superb Syrp products today!
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