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Shop our range of Pixel accessories including Flash Triggers, Remote Timer Shutter Releases, converters and much more.

Timer Shutter Releases

Pixel self-timers allow you to press the shutter release with a delay before the shutter fires. Perfect for taking group photos, with you in them!  

Remote Timer Shutter Releases

Are you into landscape photography? Use a remote shutter to minimize vibration and get sharper images.

Pixel Flash Triggers

Flash triggers allow you to use an external light strobe instead of relying on a camera flash. They use a small light pulse to trigger the camera shutter with a synced strobe. 

Pixel Wireless Flash Triggers

With 2.4 GHz wireless control, high-speed sync, and iTTl/M Multimode control, the Pixel King S remotely controls the flash mode on your camera and gives you maximum flexibility.  

You can directly control the King S integrated Transmitter and Receiver flash unit without a separate transmitter. Using the X800 PRO flash, the King S can control HSS and other flash features between your camera and flash.

If you use it with a Canon EOS EXII, 600EX-RT or compatible Pixel flash, you can directly control flash mode and power output through the variable setting mode for flash and camera. 

Shop our range of Pixel Flash Triggers and accessories – and get that perfect shot!

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    Pixel P80 RGB Full Colour 60W Professional Video LED Continuous Light (Standard Kit)

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