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Shop our range of Meike products and camera accessories such as battery grips, wireless triggers, remote shutters and more.

Meike Battery Grip

With the Meike battery grip, you can set delay and exposure times, time interval, and the number of shots. It features a top-class rubber coating for perfect grip and 100m remote control for the best experience.  

Its 2.4G Hz wireless channel and FSK signal mode guarantee speed and stability. This superb grip has screen lock function, display lock mode, and a low-power LCD screen. 

Meike Grip for SLR/DSLR 

Shoot more and for longer! The Meike grip holds multiple battery packs so you get longer battery life for your camera. The vertical grip also incorporates a shutter release feature and other controls to make portrait photography easier. 

Meike Camera Grip Holder Pack MK-D500 

This grip is super stable and ergonomically designed. It extends the battery life of your camera and also features capacity for 1 X EL15 lithium battery / 8 X AA batteries. 

Meike Vertical Grip Extra Functions 

1) Vertical shooting function
2) Special non-slip rubber coating for a secure and comfortable grip
3) Screen lock function
4) Display lock mode
5) Programmable delay and exposure time, time interval, and shots
6) 2 NP-FZ100 lithium batteries

Need more staying power for your camera? Meike battery grips will keep you shooting longer!

Try one of our Meike battery grips today – and experience the difference!

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