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Shop our range of Herringbone camera bags, camera straps and cases designed to keep your camera secure and protected.

Herringbone Camera Bag

Why do you need a camera bag? No matter how much your camera cost, you want to protect it. Keeping it in a camera bag designed for the purpose is ideal.
Herringbone camera bags are made from canvas and include anti-slip AirCell cushion material to protect your sensitive camera gear and accessories.
These high-quality bags have NO velcro, so they're quiet and won't scratch! There's enough room for  a Canon 5D Mark-II with a 24-105 zoom lens. You can even organise it to hold a vertical-grip battery pack!
Designed with inner storage pockets and pouches to hold all your favourite lenses and accessories, as well as your iPad or tablet – you'll always have everything you need for a shoot on hand.

Herringbone Camera Hand Strap

Using a camera hand strap offers many benefits. The Herringbone camera hand strap is short and extremely secure and comfortable. You don't need to untangle it as you get it out of your camera bag.
The Herringbone camera hand strap is like an extension of your camera. It gives you more confidence while moving around. And the fact that it's short also means it doesn't get caught or snag on anything.

Herringbone Camera Strap

Camera straps are essential if you're an on-the-go photographer. The Herringbone camera strap allows you to work hands-free without having to worry about where to place your camera.
If you're out and about for the day and don't need a lot of equipment or accessories, it's easier than lugging a large camera bag around. Ideal for day trips and walkabout shoots!

Herringbone Camera Cases

Herringbone camera cases are designed specifically to help protect your camera from any accidental impact damage, keep it clean, and dry if you get caught out in the rain!
Shop our fantastic range of Herringbone camera bags and straps today!


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