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Orangemonkie Foldio3 25" Studio Light Tent

Last Updated 16th February 2018

If you're anything like Zara and have played with the Foldio2, you would have been anticipating the 25" bigger brother, the Foldio3!

Check out our unboxing and overview of this tiny beast:


The Foldio3 set up is available here

To improve the Foldio, OrangeMonkie pondered on what the most important feature for their new project should be. They concluded that the portable studio should be uncomplicated and easy to use. That is why OrangeMonkie tried to make the Foldio a simple and neat tool for everyone, whether you are carrying it, using it or just keeping it at home.

This foldable design enables the Foldio3 to be compact when folded up whereas when it is opened, it transforms dramatically into a 25 inch x 25 inch studio. Like the previous Foldio series, OrangeMonkie have applied the magnetic structure to Foldio3. This enables the setup to be in 10 sec. Not to mention that they use high quality magnets to hold the Foldio3 in a sturdy shape for extensive use.

If you have any experience using mini studios, you will know that it’s really cumbersome to fix the backdrop. This gets worse for bigger sized photo studios. The Foldio3 is designed in a new way to fix the backdrop in a simple and easy way. You can just attach the backdrop to velcro patches within the Foldio3.

Foldio3's black backdrop enables you to take higher quality pictures compared to when you are using other black backdrops . With this backdrop, you will have a clear black color without any reflection on the background.

In terms of LED lighting, OrangeMonkie have focused on maximising the lighting performance by upgrading functions of our lights and adjusting the location. As a result, it's designed to decrease shadows of subjects more efficiently than our previous Foldio versions.

Now you can control lighting of the Foldio3 by using the Dimming controller. This device lets you control all the lights of the Foldio3 and Halo bars in a simple way.

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