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Unboxing & Review on the New Godox LC500R/Mini LED Light Stick

Last Updated 22nd November 2023


In the fast-evolving world of photography and videography, equipment that strikes the perfect balance between portability and performance is highly sought after. Godox, a prominent player in the lighting industry, has once again stepped up its game with the introduction of their newest  LED Continuous Light Stick, the  LC500R and LC500 Mini

In this review, we'll delve into the features and capabilities of these compact LED light sticks, exploring the enhancements made over their predecessors and how they cater to the needs of content creators on the move.


Unboxing and Packaging


Godox has revamped not only the lights themselves but also the packaging, showcasing a commitment to an improved user experience right from the start. The compact size of the box mirrors the reduced dimensions of the lights, aligning with the industry's trend toward more travel-friendly gear. The inclusion of a carry bag with sturdy handles and a double zipper opening is a practical touch, emphasising the brand's attention to detail.


Design and Build


The LC500R, in particular, stands out with its reduced length of approximately 46 cm and a weight of 548 grams, making it a featherweight companion for on-the-go shooting. The standout feature is the detachable 2,740 milliamp-hour battery, a game-changer for extended shoots. With an impressive 50 minutes of operating power at 100%, the LC500R ensures reliability, especially in run-and-gun scenarios.

The inclusion of built-in barn doors enhances the light's versatility, allowing for more precise control over the direction of the illumination. For those who require additional diffusion, the front panel accommodates attachments, providing flexibility in achieving the desired lighting effects.


Performance Metrics


The LC500R boasts a 20W output, coupled with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95 and a Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) rating of 96. These metrics highlight Godox's commitment to delivering a professional-grade LED light source. The compact form factor does not compromise performance, making it an attractive option for both enthusiasts and professionals.


Operational Features


Navigating through the light's features is streamlined, thanks to the intuitive controls. The inclusion of a dial that doubles as a switch, along with on-board controls, provides quick access to settings. For more extensive control and customization, the Godox Light app, compatible with all newer Godox light models, can be utilised within a 30-meter Bluetooth range. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into various shooting setups, from studios to outdoor environments.


Colour Options and Effects


The LC500R, being an RGB version, opens up a spectrum of possibilities with access to the full range of colours. The HSI colour chart simplifies colour selection, while 15 preset lighting effects cater to creative needs. The integration of a Music mode, responding to ambient sound through the built-in microphone, adds an exciting dimension for those looking to synchronise lighting with music, making it an ideal choice for music video production.


Comparison with the Previous Model


A notable improvement lies in the reduction of size and weight when compared to the older LC 500 model. The LC500R trims down approximately 350 grams and 14 centimetres in length while retaining the same output capabilities. The addition of the detachable battery further enhances the user experience, allowing for greater flexibility in power management.


Final Thoughts


In conclusion, the Godox LC500R and LC500 Mini emerge as compelling options for content creators seeking compact yet powerful lighting solutions. Godox's commitment to innovation is evident in the thoughtful design, enhanced features, and improved portability of these light sticks. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiast exploring creative possibilities, the LC500R/Mini series is a noteworthy addition to Godox's impressive lineup, offering a potent blend of performance and convenience for dynamic on-the-go lighting.

Make sure to check out our detailed unboxing and review video of the Godox LC500R on Youtube for a visual walkthrough and hands-on experience with these incredible light sticks!


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