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Introducing the Aputure 600D and 300X

Last Updated 19th September 2019

The Aputure Light Storm (LS) 600D is set out to be the strongest LED on the market, packing a 600W output, with a 720W draw and a claimed CRI of 96+. This is around double the power of the recently released C300D II, and is enough to light up an entire studio on its own.


The 600D also features a Bowens mount so the light can be modified with any Bowens mount softbox such as Aputures own Light Domes. In addition to take advantage of the brighter LED, larger Barndoors and Fresnels will become available to further modify the light beam.

Furthermore the 600D features lighting effects accessible from the large control box similar to the 120D II and 300D II, such as a strobe mode, lightning and paparazzi. The Aputure 600D can also be controlled by the Sidus Link App, allowing for seamless integration in the control ecosystem alongside the 300D II.


There is also new cooling mechanics within the 600D that makes for much quieter fan operation that is ideal when shooting video productions, Aputure also claims that this is quieter than the 300D II.

It also still offers the option of battery power, with 4 mounting plates for V mount batteries. Also If you only have 2 V-mounts available, you can still mount them up and get 50% of the power output.


The Aputure LS 600D is being released to compete with 800W HMIs, and by the way things look at this stage it has a strong chance to do so. Unfortunately as the model is still in the prototype stage there is no price available as of yet.

Aputure are aiming to have the 600D ready to purchase around February 2020 or before NAB 2020 in April.

The other light Revealed by Aputure is the Aputure Light Storm (LS) 300X, this is a Bi-Colour variation of their 300D.


Aputure have worked with their manufacturing team to develop their own technology to achieve Bi-Colour out of a CoB-style LED. This is known as CSP and is featured in the LS 300X, it allows the light to dim consistently throughout the colour range with no fringing or other artefacts.

Having the convenience of bi-colour does appear to sacrifice some brightness. Between 4400K-5500K Aputure have stated you will have approximately the same brightness as a 300D Mk I, and at the extreme ends of the colour range (2700K and 6500K) the 300X offers approximately the same brightness as the Aputure 120D Mk II.


As the 300X is only a prototype at this stage there isn’t too much information in terms of technical specs available yet however similar to the 600D Aputure are aiming to have the 300X ready to purchase around February 2020 or before NAB 2020 in April.


We'll update the page as we receive more info. More details to come...
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