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Godox Speedlite Flash Comparison - What flash should you choose?

Last Updated 14th August 2019

Godox produces a large range of flashes, but it can be hard to find out which one is right for you. This blog aims to make it easy to choose the Godox flash to suit you and your style of photography.


1. Godox TT350 and V350

Godox TT350 and Godox V350 Speedlite Flash Comparison

The Godox TT350 and V350 are smaller flashes and are great for beginners to flash photography.

The TT350 is powered by AA batteries, and the V350 is powered by the included lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which makes it slightly heavier than the TT350.

The extra bit of weight is offset by the faster recycle time of the V350, which goes from 0.1 seconds to 1.7 seconds at full power output.

The TT350 has a recycle time of between 0.1 seconds up to 2.2 seconds at full power output.

Both models have high-speed sync of up to 1/8000 of a second, and there is the TTL option, as well as manual and multi modes.

Also included are the standard Optical Sensor and AF Assist Beams on both flashes, and they both work with Godox’s new X-Wireless Triggering System. 

Because these are more compact flashes, the power output is slightly less than the larger models. These two flashes have a guide number of 60 at 100 ISO.

These are great little flashes that will cover all your needs while you are learning to use speedlites. They are available in all the major brands:

TT350 Range

Godox TT350 Speedlite Flash Comparison

Godox TT350S 2.4G TTL HSS Speedlite Flash for Sony

Godox TT3500 2.4G TTL HSS Speedlite Flash for Olympus and Panasonic

Godox TT350P 2.4G TTL HSS Speedlite Flash for Pentax

Godox TT350N 2.4G TTL HSS Speedlite Flash for Nikon

Godox TT350C 2.4G TTL HSS Speedlite Flash for Canon

Godox TT350F 2.4G TTL HSS Speedlite Flash for Fujifilm

V350 Range

Godox V350 Speedlite Flash Comparison

Godox V350C 2.4G TTL HSS Speedlite Flash for Canon with Li-Ion Battery

Godox V350F 2.4G TTL HSS Speedlite Flash for Fujifilm with Li-ion Battery

Godox V350N 2.4G TTL HSS Speedlite Flash for Nikon with Li-ion Battery

Godox V3500 2.4G TTL HSS Speedlite Flash for Olympus with Li-ion Battery

Godox V350S 2.4G TTL HSS Speedlite Flash for Sony with Li-ion Battery

2. Godox TT600 and TT600S

Godox TT600 and Godox TT600S Speedlite Flash Comparison

The next step up the Godox range is the TT600, and it is a manual high-speed sync full-sized flash.

As it has no TTL function, you will need to know how to use manual flash, and the TT600 is a universal model that can be used on almost any brand of camera, except Sony.

The TT600S is exactly the same as the TT600, except that it is made to specifically fit the Sony hot shoe only. All the features are the same on both models.

Both flashes have Multi-Mode and Manual mode and are compatible with Godox’s X-Trigger System, so you can use the X-Pro or X-1 triggers.

The flashes have a DC input port for the Godox Propac range, and you can use external battery packs to operate the flash, but the flash unit still needs AA batteries. Using the Propac will decrease the recycle time, so it’s a great option for event or wedding photographers.

Godox TT600 2.4G HSS Universal Wireless Camera Flash Speedlite

Godox TT600S 2.4G HSS Wireless Camera Flash Speedlite for Sony

3. Godox TT685 and TT685II

The Godox TT685II is a new addition to the remake of the popular Godox TT685. The new flash comes equipped with TCM Instant conversion which instantly converts from TTL to manual mode ensuring you can lock your exposure value easily.

The ergonomics of the Godox TT685II make it easy to slide and lock the unit onto a camera using a Quick-release Lock, something the prior model lacked. You’ll find the build similar in size, but 5 grams lighter than the Godox TT685. The specification lineup on the newer model will be familiar to users. You’ll find the normal TTL, Manual and Multi flash modes, which unlock a High Speed Sync up to 1/8000 second. For creative control photographers can adopt FEC, FEB, rear-curtain sync to capture and portray motion differently.

You can find the TT685 range here and the TT685II range here.


4. Godox V860II and V860III


The Godox V860III is a new addition of Godox V860II. An added feature of V860III, it allows you to see the direction of the light before you hit the shutter – provided the head is pointing the same direction as modelling light does! V860III also has the same battery as V1 series (VB-26). V860II use VB-18 battery.

You can find the V860II range here and the V860III range here.

5. Godox V1

Godox V1 Speedlite Flash Comparison

The Godox V1 range is a different type of flash, featuring a rounded head rather than a  rectangular shaped flash head.

The round head has been developed to give a softer light pattern, and you can also buy light modifier accessories to further shape the light, so it has a big advantage over conventional speedlites.

Light output is rated at 76, so it gives off a fantastic amount of light for its size. The Godox V1 comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which you can charge using the included charger, but it also has the option of using a USB cable to recharge. You should be able to get around 480 full-power shots out of the battery before you have to recharge it. 

The moveable flash head gives you a wide range of motion for bouncing flash, and it goes back further than 90 degrees, to around 120 degrees. You can rotate it too, so you have lots of options for finding the perfect position for the flash. 

The Godox V1 is compatible with Godox’s X system wireless control.

Check out the full Godox V1 range here.

Godox AK-R1 Kit

Godox AK-R1 Accessories Kit Speedlite Flash Comparision

The Godox AK-R1 Kit is a set of lighting modifiers that are compatible with the Godox V1 range, as well as the Godox AD200 and AD200 Pro.

The modifiers attach with a magnet system, allowing for quick and easy changing and removal. 

The kit includes:

  • Soft White Diffuser Dome
  • Black Snoot
  • Colour Gel Kit
  • Black Honeycomb
  • Barndoor with 4 Flags
  • Soft White Diffuser Plate
  • Curved Bounce Card
  • Portable Zipper Carry Pouch

These accessories give you real versatility and allow you to shape the light any way you choose.

The Godox AK-R1 Kit can be found here.

Godox X2T Triggers

Godox X2T Triggers

The Godox X2T triggers are made to replace the Godox X1T, and they use a wireless radio system to control the Godox range of flashes.

The new Godox X2T triggers include additions of group buttons on top of the control unit. These allow you to quickly separate flash units into groups.

The group and function buttons are also all backlit, which makes using them in the dark so much easier.

Another modification is the repositioning of the control dial. It has been moved down to the lower-left corner to reduce the risk of it interfering with camera operation. The LCD display has also been enlarged.

There is also a new scan setting that can automatically detect the clearest channel, and the Godox X2T can now be controlled from a smartphone via bluetooth by the GodoxPhoto app, which is available for Android and iOS.

The transmission range of the Godox X2T is around 100 metres, and it has 32 channels, 5 groups, and up to 99 wireless ID settings.

The Godox X2T is compatible with Canon, Nikon, and Sony Speedlights, and can be used as a shutter release trigger for those camera brands too.

The Godox X2T range of triggers can be found here.

Godox Speedlite Comparison Table

This Godox speedlight flash comparison table gives you at-a-glance information about the Godox range and specifications.




































Less than 1.5 s


2 x AA

1 x lithium-ion

4 x AA

4 x AA

4x AA

4x AA

1 x lithium-ion

1 x lithium-ion











Godox Speedlite Flash Comparison

The Godox ranges are extensive and cater to all budgets and types of flash photography. Whatever your preferences and needs, you’re sure to find a Godox product to suit you, and hopefully, this article and comparison table will make choosing your next Godox flash a bit easier.

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