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Hypop Fashion Look Book Photography Kit Review

Last Updated 8th May 2015

Today I review the Hypop Fashion Look Book Photography Kit. The first thing you’ll notice is that is an actual complete studio setup – all you need is your DSLR camera & a tripod (which you can add as an option.)

I’ll start off with the backdrop & stand. The Spectrum range is definitely a heavy hitter in the paper backdrop market. Unrolling it, you can already feel the professional quality. It’s smooth, very smooth. After taking a few test shots, you can really notice the seamless, non-reflective finish. A great start!  The stand is solid – easily managing the weight of the roll. Another good thing about this kit is that there are 2 pegs supplied, this holds the backdrop in place. It’s a very easy over site, there’s absolutely nothing worse than being mid shoot & your roll unravelling. #canteven

Now for the literal big guns. Included are 2 Godox QS-400 flash strobes. As soon as I unboxed these, I was impressed by the design and feel – a very solid build. The heads also come with a glass protector which fits around your modelling lamp, that extra protection is necessary, as the lamps can be very fragile. These units pack a punch. They have an incredibly fast recycle time of up to 10 continuous flashes per second. The short flash duration of 1/2000 – 1/800s ensures vivid snaps of any movement, detail and action. This is perfect for fashion shoots, as it can get very fast paced, you’ll want to capture the poses really quickly. The strobes are fired by the Godox FT16 transmitter and receiver, which are also included in this kit. They feature multiple channels and a LCD display, which is a very nice touch.

Included are 2 heavy duty light stands that extend to about 2.4 metres, so you’ll get a lot of reach. Once the strobes are mounted, you can choose between either the collapsible 1.2 octagon soft box or the diffuser umbrellas – both which come with the kit, so you’ll definitely be happy with the choice. I much prefer using the soft box, as it creates a wider spread of light, which I place directly in front of the model – at a distance. You can just play around with the placement of the strobes, depending on the lighting effects and mood you were after for your shoot.  Another great thing about the soft box is that it fold away so quickly, so its ultra convenient.

As a complete kit, this covers all bases. You’ll have professional quality editorial and look book images at a click of a shutter.


* sample images shot with the Hypop Fashion Look Book Photography Kit.

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