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Quick Tips for Fashion Photography

Last Updated 6th May 2015


  1. Plan the outfits prior to the shoot. This ensures for a smooth day.

  2. List out the itinerary or prepare a call sheet for the day, make sure the entire team including the hair & makeup artist, stylist, brand and any other parties have a copy.Don’t forget to factor in the breaks!

  3. Plan your camera equipment and studio equipment, this should include props and which particular looks will involve the props.

  4. Hot Tip: A stool, box or ladder is great props that you can use to achieve a variety of different poses that don’t need the model to stand. A box or ladder is also good for a photographer to use to get elevation or achieve different angles while shooting.

  5. Lens – focal length of 24-200mm is the most commonly used. Lenses covering this range are great for full body as well as close up mood shots.

  6. Hot Tip: Use an acrylic panel to achieve a clean white floor; this prevents scuff marks on the paper backdrop/cyclorama.

  7. Mark the floor where the model should stand to ensure consistency in all shots.

  8. Test your equipment before the actual shoot, on arrival & while setting up. Ensure you have a contingency plan in place, such as a spare flash strobe or light modifiers. As your shoot involves many parties, failed equipment is a costly exercise.

  9. Play music to set the mood and environment – this is your creative zone.

  10. Make sure the model is comfortable, be social and get to know the talent.

  11. Tethering direct to a computer or laptop is essential, so you can have a live review option.

  12. Edit a couple of photos as you go along to ensure you’re achieving the shots your client wants.

  13. Star or mark shots in light room or other similar software as you go along to save you time during editing or post-processing.

  14. Ensure you’re clear on expectations of post processing with the client – let them know the turn around.
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