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Enhancing Photography Sessions with Easiframe® Cyclorama: A Professional's Perspective

Last Updated 19th January 2024


Photography isn't just about capturing moments; it's about creating an environment where those moments shine. Lynda, a seasoned photographer specialising in headshots and portraits, knows this all too well. Her quest for the perfect backdrop system led her to the Easiframe® Curved fabric framework at Vistek’s ProFusion in Toronto.


Images Courtesy of Lynda J. Chan of


What makes Easiframe® stand out? It's not just a backdrop; it's a technical masterpiece. Its portable, changeable cyclorama immediately caught Lynda’s eye as a solution to her meticulous backdrop needs.

Lynda scrutinised traditional backdrop options in her search for versatility and a wrinkle-free solution. Built cycloramas were costly and cumbersome, and paper backdrops presented challenges with tearing and disposability. Easiframe® promised versatility, reusability, and, crucially, a flawless surface.



Easiframe®'s brilliance lies in its framework and adaptable "skins." Crafted by Richard Wang, the system seamlessly integrates usability, versatility, and customisation. Setup is a breeze with embedded screws and an Allen key, catering to individual photographers or collaborative setups.


The skins, with their silicon-edged materials, deliver a smooth, wrinkle-free surface. They're tough—machine washable and able to handle everything from lively subjects to unexpected incidents like a car driving over the base. Talk about durability!

Yet, Easiframe® isn't just about technical prowess. It subtly elevates client expectations, boosting their confidence in front of the camera—a game-changer for headshot sessions.


Images Courtesy of Lynda J. Chan of


Richard's ongoing innovations introduce extensions to the framework, enabling adjustable height, depth, and a larger frame option—no need for extra skins. This adaptability makes Easiframe® a one-stop solution for diverse photography backdrop needs. In conclusion, Easiframe® transcends functionality, adding significant value to photographers and clients alike.


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