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Camera Bag and Other Accessories

Last Updated 9th October 2012

Every photographer or photographer-to-be needs a camera bag. And not just any camera bag. Aside from being able to protect your precious photography  equipment, it has to be sturdy enough to hold all your stuff, easy to open and close so you’ll have easy access to your equipments, and have enough room for all your photography needs. After choosing the perfect camera bag, the next thing you have to do is to fill it with everything you’ll need in your photo shoots. So what exactly will you put in there, you may ask? Here is a list of accessories that might come in handy as you do your photo shoots. I’ll give you the essentials as well as the extras that you might find useful just in case anything goes wrong.

Camera Bag Essentials 

Batteries – There’s nothing worse than setting up everything perfectly then finding out your   camera’s dead. Bringing spare batteries with you all the time is one of the most practical and important things you must do. It doesn’t matter what camera you’re using – a 35mm camera or a digital camera. Just brinbhio–ng those batteries. Though it is especially imperative if you’re using a digital camera as their batteries tend to have a shorter life span. A digital camera can usually go on for about two hours or around 150 shots before requiring a freshly charged battery.

Extra Rolls of Film or Spare Memory Cards: I guess it’s equally frustrating to miss a potentially good shot just because you ran out of film. Thus the extra rolls. And bring plenty. For digital camera users, have with you some spare memory cards. They’re not too costly and will definitely save you from the hassle of deleting photos before processing in order to give way to new ones.

Lens Cloth: Having a clear lens is a must when taking pictures. So before you start with your shoot, don’t forget to clean your lens with a soft cloth. It is important to eliminate the fingerprints and dust that might transfer to your lens or LCD screen while you’re in the process of taking your photos.


Extras Than Can Make A Big Difference

Most of the time, you’ll be okay with the things I have mentioned above. But adding some extras won’t hurt and may actually make or break a photo. Here are a few suggestions that might help you get that perfect shot.

Mini Tripod: It’s pretty convenient to carry around since it can fold up and will not occupy too much space in most camera bags. You’ll be able to position your camera easily and it will be able to provide stability and support while you take the picture. 

Rain Gear: Bad weather shouldn’t keep you from doing your shoots. We all know that water is probably the most damaging thing to a camera. So if you need to take photos on a rainy day, bring with you some protection that will cover your equipments. Plastic bags and shower caps are great for that. And don’t underestimate the help you’ll get from good rubber bands. Use them to keep the plastic tight on your camera so you’ll be free to move about and shoot without minding the rain.

Specialty Lenses: Two very popular camera accessories you can consider putting in your camera bag are telephoto and wide-angle lenses. They can be very useful  for shooting advanced or action photos as they will be able to give you more options. 

Battery Charger: This is especially popular with digital camera owners. It really is very handy especially if you’re on an extended trip as recharging your batteries every night will give you the liberty to shoot away throughout the day.

Those equipments would help you tremendously in capturing that perfect moment or image. And as long as you’re always armed with your passion, skills, and photography gears, you’ll surely be good to go.


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