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Full Width Paper Backdrops

Our Full Width paper backdrops are available in a variety of colours ideal for creating professional and high-quality content. Made by the trusted brand Spectrum, our paper backdrops are durable, lightweight, and tear-resistant, making them a reliable choice for any type of photo or video shoot.

Browse our collection today and take your content to the next level with our full-width paper backdrops!


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Some FAQs.

  • Why is there 10 metres of length?

    This is so you can remove any excess paper damaged during use. We recommend a Box cutter or Utility Knife for this.

  • Is the paper waterproof?

    Spectrum paper rolls are not waterproof.

  • Can I step on the paper?

    Yes you can step on the paper. Please be mindful as dirty shoes or heels will leave marks. This can be removed in post-processing.

  • How can I store my rolls?

    We recommend to store your rolls vertically. If stored horizontally, the rolls are more susceptible to damage.

  • Does this provide the same look as fashion magazines?

    Yes, these paper rolls provide a seamless, continuous look that you find in most professional fashion/editorial photoshoots. These are also suitable for e-commerce photography.

  • Will the colour reflect on the subject?

    No, the paper is non-reflective, so there is no need to worry about light bouncing off the paper.

  • How is this different from normal paper?

    Regular paper is around 70-150gsm, whereas photography paper is thicker at 180gsm. This helps to keep the paper smooth, and non-reflective.

  • Are these suitable for flat lays?

    Yes! We offer the rolls in a 1.36m wide size, which is better for flat lays. You can also check out the Spectrum Flat Lay Backdrops for patterns & and designs.

  • How do I mount this?

    This can be mounted on a 2.8m x 3.0m backdrop stand available on our website. Other solutions include a wall-mounted backdrop bracket to save on space. You can also use C-Stands for more control over the height.

  • I need a size between 2.7m and 1.36m. Is this possible?

    We offer a customer cut service! We can adjust the width of the roll to suit your needs. The length will always stay at 10m just in case the paper gets damaged, and you need to remove the damaged section.

Why Choose Full-Width Paper Backdrops? 


1. Professional Aesthetics

Full-Width Paper Backdrops offer a professional and polished look to your photographs. They create a clean, distraction-free background that makes your subjects stand out.


2. Versatility

These backdrops are available in a wide range of colours and textures, providing endless possibilities for your creative vision. Whether you're shooting portraits, product photos, or fine art, there's a backdrop to suit your needs.


3. Consistency

The seamless design ensures that your backdrop appears uniform from edge to edge, eliminating distracting seams and uneven backgrounds.


4. Ease of Use

Full-Width Paper Backdrops are easy to set up and change, allowing for quick transitions between different backgrounds during a single session.


5. Cost-Effective

They offer a cost-effective solution for achieving professional-quality studio backgrounds without the need for expensive sets or locations. 


6. Clean and Easy to Maintain

When a backdrop gets soiled or damaged, you can simply unroll a fresh section, ensuring that your backgrounds always look pristine.


Who Are Our Full-Width Paper Backdrop Users?

Full-Width Paper Backdrops are a versatile tool that can benefit a wide range of photographers and creatives. Here's a list of who can benefit from using Full-Width Paper Backdrops:


Professional Photographers:

1. Commercial Photographers: Create seamless and distraction-free backgrounds to enhance product shots and advertising campaigns, putting the focus squarely on your subject.

2. Portrait Photographers: Craft professional studio portraits with clean and consistent background aesthetics, making your subjects stand out.

3. Fashion Photographers: Highlight the latest fashion trends with a range of backdrop options, ensuring your clothing and models are showcased with style.

4. Event Photographers: Ensure well-lit and aesthetically pleasing photos at weddings, parties, and corporate events, enhancing the visual quality of event photography.

5. Studio Photographers: Maintain complete control over the background and scene, allowing you to craft the perfect atmosphere for your studio sessions.


Amateur and Enthusiast Photographers:

1. Photography Enthusiasts: Improve your photography skills and experiment with various backdrop options, enhancing your creative expression and the overall professionalism of your work.

2. Hobbyists: Enhance your creative projects with the polished look that Full-Width Paper Backdrops provide, even if you're pursuing photography as a hobby.



1. Content Creators: Elevate the quality of your video content by using Full-Width Paper Backdrops to create visually appealing backgrounds for your videos, contributing to the overall visual appeal of your content.

2. Filmmakers: Achieve a consistent and professional backdrop for film production, ensuring that your scenes are visually appealing and in line with your artistic vision.


Product and E-commerce Photographers:

1. E-commerce Photographers: Showcase products with precision backgrounds for online sales, ensuring that your product images are clean, consistent, and professional, enhancing your online presence and product visibility.


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