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What are Easiframe Curved Cyclorama Backdrops & How to Install Them?

Last Updated 27th March 2023

Photographers love a cyclorama wall, which is a curved white wall suggesting an unlimited background. With a smooth wall-to-floor transition, it gives the illusion of infinite space. These seamless walls isolate the subject so the model or object being photographed has the viewers full attention. You can also use it as a large flat lay. 

What are Easiframe Curved Cyclorama Backdrops?

The advantage of a cyclorama wall is that it blends with the floor. There are no harsh angles at its base, making the edges invisible. The disadvantage of standard infinity backdrops is that these rigid backgrounds take up a lot of space in a studio. The Easiframe Curve is the worlds first fabric-changeable cyclorama backdrop for photographers and videographers. It can be easily set up and packed away when not required. After pulling it down, it can be stored to give you extra space in the studio. The only tool needed for setup and pull-down is an Allen key. This form of backdrop is so light and easy to transport that it can be taken to any location for photos and social media content creation.

This seamless cyclorama has been designed to handle full-length portraits and product marketing. It adds variety and a professional dimension to lookbook photography and portfolios. Its infinity effect eliminates post-production editing to remove the line at the base of the shot where the wall usually meets the floor.



The Easiframe curved wall has a removable ‘fabric skin’ that slips into a lightweight custom-built aluminium frame. The wall can be easily set up or dismantled in less than twenty minutes. And when the photographer wants to change the fabric to another backdrop, it can be done in less than two minutes. The fabric skins stretch tight across the Easiframe, allowing the subject to move freely on the backdrop.

The Easiframe backdrop is versatile because it can be flipped vertically to create a seamless curved corner wall for photography or cinematography. The Easiframe, in its vertical format, can also become a background at a trade expo, corporate event or for marketing promotions. Custom print the skin with a logo, company name, or product image for a colourful backdrop. Afterwards, it can be packed in a compact box for easy transport and storage.

Most people buy the frame and fabric set so they can start straight away. If an extra frame is required for a second location, it can be purchased separately.

Types of Colours & Textures

A vast range of coloured and textured skins are available for the Easiframe system. Apart from the traditional white, black and chroma key green, existing styles of high-quality wrinkle-free fabric include stone, cement, brick walls, wooden panels, grunge, clouds, vintage garden blossoms, a jungle scene and floral wonderlands.

The package includes the option to print the skin with any pattern. We only require a high-resolution image, and we’ll make a unique, seamless background. To purchase extra backdrops for a frame, click here to see the full range. The fabric doesnt crease; if it becomes grubby, its machine-washable in cold water.



How to Install

The frame of this cyclorama has a grooved channel that allows the fabric to slide in to be held securely. Start by inserting the fabric’s silicone edge into the top two corners, then into the middle and finish the remaining section of the top. Repeat the same process for the bottom section and the sides, and it is done!



Common Mistakes When Installing

Mistake 1

As shown in the image below, ensure the fabric (not the silicone) is inserted into the gaps. The sewn edge is placed into the frame. When fitted correctly, you will not be able to see the sewing.




Mistake 2

To get the best result, start at the corner, then slip the fabric in the middle of the frame to ensure a tight fit. Follow the instructions in this video to have a smooth finish. Optional extensions are available if the fabric doesn’t seem smooth enough.

See this YouTube video to see how these extensions stretch the material to eliminate wrinkles.



Final Thoughts

With an Easiframe backdrop, a professional curved cyclorama wall can be quickly set up in any studio for portrait photography and product shots. And when the shoot is done, this wall-to-floor backdrop can be pulled apart to create extra space for other activities. With custom fabric printing available, it means an endless range of backdrops is now available in the cyclorama format.


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