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How to Achieve the Best Professional Studio Lighting

Last Updated 2nd August 2012

How do professional photographers always manage to get the photos perfect? When the lighting is right, the picture will be also. Without proper lighting, you cannot create the real image. Artificial lighting is like putting a spot light on the subject in order to enhance it or highlight it.

The colors, texture, and shape of an image that is being photographed is very important and the photographer is only as good as his or her camera. Photography is somewhat like painting a portrait. No matter what the subject is, you want to bring out the right colors and enhance the nature beauty that is in the image. This is not done simply by pointing the camera and shooting. It takes time to create the perfect or near perfect photo.

Buying a camera is important but you need to also buy a few other accessories that are going to come in handy in order to achieve the right look. You will need to purchase professional studio lighting to shine on your subject. White is a reflecting color so you need to buy a white portable back drop so you can shoot your picture anywhere you want. Your main lighting outdoors will come from the sun however even with the sun shining, the professional studio lighting is going to be necessary to capture the picture correctly.

Create a bag of supplies that you can take with you wherever you take your camera. You need a portable back drop, professional studio lighting of different brightness and something to eliminate any type of shadows. Every time you take your camera out, you can be prepared to set up a mini version of a photography studio but it won’t look ridiculous, especially when the picture is developed. Everyone will love what you did and the time that you put into it too.


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