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Easiframe® Curved Cyclorama Seamless Backdrop and Frame Kit Unboxing & Review

Last Updated 24th September 2020

Today we’re going to take a look at the Easiframe® Curved Cyclorama Seamless Backdrop and Frame Kit. In this unboxing and review, we’ll look at what the Easiframe is, what’s included, how the Easiframe Cyclorama differs from traditional cycloramas, and how to set it up. 

easiframe cool grey texture fabric backdrop skin result

Let’s get started!

What is the Easiframe® Curved Cyclorama Backdrop Kit?  

easiframe curved cyclorama backdrop and frame kit

The Easiframe is the world’s first fabric changeable cyclorama backdrop. It provides a seamless wall to floor infinity backdrop for photos and videos. It features a ‘Fabric Skin’ with a silicone edge that fits into a custom-built aluminium frame. It’s designed to make changing backdrops quick and easy, so it’s a good choice for a studio.

The ‘Fabric Skin’ is wrinkle-free and is fully customisable with your own artwork, so you could feature your brand colours or a specific pattern on the backdrop. If you don’t want a customised colour, you can get a black cyclorama, white cyclorama, green cyclorama, or grey, beige and more options, as well as textured cyclorama backdrops.

What’s Included? 

easiframe curved cyclorama backdrop what's included

The Easiframe® Curved Cyclorama Backdrop Stand Frame and Background Set contains the frame itself plus crossbars. This can be sized down to a flat frame or wall frame, which lends itself well to product photography or e-commerce photography, or as a background for portraits and headshots.

The kit also includes a single fabric skin made out of a poly-cotton blend. It’s mostly polyester, so it’s taut and stretchy to give a seamless finish. The backdrop options cover custom cyclorama design, as well as a range of ready-made colours and textures including Hazelnut, Grunge Wall, Arctic Grey, Warm Grey Texture, Black, Green, and White.

Frame Size

  • Width: 2500mm
  • Top: 1200mm
  • Curve: 1600mm
  • Bottom: 1000mm


Total Image/Backdrop Size

  • 2500mm W x 3800mm H

If you size the Easiframe down to the flat frame or wall frame, you can get the Easiframe ‘Transformer’ Backdrop Skin, which is actually the fabric skin without the curved segment. The Easiframe is built to be versatile, and when the curved part is removed, it changes into a ‘Transformer’ flat backdrop. You can get the ‘Transformer’ fabric skins in ‘Dark Wood Floor’ and ‘White Wood Floor’ - Easiframe ‘Transformer’ Backdrop Skin for Flatlay Photography (Backdrop Only).

If you want a custom design, drop us an email at, and make sure the image you send meets these specs:

  • 150 dpi
  • 50% size
  • PDF or JPG format

Traditional Cycloramas vs. Easiframe Cyclorama Backdrop

Easiframe curved cyclorama backdrop with model

Cycloramas have long been common in video production, and are designed to make shooting on a green screen much easier. It’s a curtain or backdrop that is stretched tight into an arc and sometimes called an infinity wall or cyc wall. All the corners are seamless, and if it’s done correctly it’s hard to tell where the floor ends and the wall begins. It makes your background almost disappear, and is often used for commercials or for green screen shooting.

Easiframe curved cyclorama backdrop with model result

Many big studios have a built-in traditional infinity wall or curve (usually painted white), but the Easiframe cyclorama makes having a cyclorama and setting it up with different backdrops much easier and more convenient. The Easiframe is also easy to transport and store.

How to Set Up the Easiframe?

setting up the easiframe curved cyclorama backdrop

Setting up the Easiframe is simple and takes under twenty minutes. You can do it yourself, but it’s easier with an assistant to hold up the wall portion while you attach the curve components. You only need one tool to set the Easiframe up - a single Allen key, which is provided with the kit.

Final Thoughts

easiframe curved cyclorama backdrop in dark wood floor

The Easiframe is a really useful seamless professional cyclorama with a patented design, which means you won’t find it anywhere else. It will save you a lot of time, money, and effort on having to create a cyclorama yourself, and the customisable skins are a great way to get exactly the pattern or texture that you want.


easiframe curved cyclorama backdrop in dark wood floor result

The Easiframe cyclorama backdrop is a simple way to get the perfect backdrop for different types of photography and it’s also great for shooting video. It comes with a range of colours and textures, and one of awesome features is being able to customise your own cyclorama backdrop to suit you.

Finally, here’s a few tips for getting the best out of a white cyclorama backdrop:

  • Distance your lights from the backdrop. A softer, more evenly cast light looks much better on camera, and you can do this just by moving your lights back to give a more uniform spread.
  • Lighting a white cyclorama can create a very flat image with hardly any contrast. Add some contrast back into the scene by using a black foam board at the side of your subject to give some negative fill.
  • Always light your white cyclorama with soft light sources, such as softboxes to mimimise shadows that can draw attention to the background.




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