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Browse our range of Neewer Professional Photography, Video, and Studio Equipment!

Neewer stands as a beacon in the world of photographic excellence, offering a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge products designed to elevate your photography, live streaming, and videography experiences. Established in 2011, Neewer has evolved into a multinational powerhouse with a commitment to delivering professional, high-quality equipment at entry-level pricing.
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  • Save 11%

    260cm Heavy Duty Light Stand Tripod

    $79.99 AUD $89.99 AUD
    In stock
  • Single (1) Axis Manual Backdrop Support Roller Wall Ceiling System

    $69.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Save 19%

    Adjustable Sliding Leg Heavy Duty Photographic C-Stand With Boom Arm (20kg Load)

    $299.99 AUD $369.99 AUD
    Very low stock
  • Save 17%

    Black & White Reflective Portable Shooting Surface Set - For Table Top Products (30 x 30cm)

    $49.99 AUD $59.99 AUD
    Very low stock
  • Save 23%

    Neewer Professional Large 185cm Parabolic Black Silver Reflector Umbrella

    $99.99 AUD $129.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Neewer Three Roller Wall Mounting Manual Backdrop Support

    $249.99 AUD
    Low stock
  • Save 20%

    Neewer Blue/Green Reversible Collapsible Backdrop (150cm x 200cm)

    $103.99 AUD $129.99 AUD
    Very low stock
  • Neewer Baby Triple Header Boom with Five 5/8" Baby Pin Spigots for Lighting

    $119.99 AUD
    Very low stock
  • Save 21%

    Neewer Heavy Duty 297cm / 9.8ft Photographic Boom Combi Stand and Counterweight (4kg Load)

    $149.99 AUD $189.99 AUD
    In stock
  • NEEWER A104 Smartphone Video Rig

    $69.99 AUD
    In stock

Explore their extensive range of photography lighting equipment, featuring state-of-the-art LED panels, flashes, and ring lights. Dive into the world of video recording with their meticulously crafted video lights, monitors, and microphones. Enhance your creativity with auxiliary light control accessories, including soft boxes, tripods, lenses, and filters. Immerse yourself in an innovative ecosystem that includes user-friendly smartphone apps and much more.

At the heart of Neewer's success is a dedication to providing socially personalised products that consistently exceed expectations. As a national high-tech enterprise since 2020, Neewer's global footprint includes headquarters in Shenzhen, China, and branches in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and mainland China.

Their mission is clear: Professional, High-Quality Products at Entry-Level Pricing. With an unwavering focus on cutting-edge technology, Neewer strives to create meaningful connections within our community of over 100K+ users. Join Neewer on this photographic journey, where passion, dedication, and innovation converge to redefine the art of visual storytelling.
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