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Orangemonkie Q Mic Content Creator Video Microphone Kit Unboxing & Review

Last Updated 28th October 2020

orangemonkie qmic content creator video microphone kit

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the
Orangemonkie Q Mic, which is a simple and effective microphone for filmmakers, YouTubers, and content creators. This mic has a one-dial system for easy operation and is compatible with smartphones and cameras.

It comes with two mini tripods and has three different recording modes as well as a 360-degree rotational function for ultimate versatility.

Let’s take a look at what’s included in the box, the key features, mic modes, and how to set up your Q Mic.

What’s Included
orangemonkie qmic content creator video microphone kit what's included

The complete video kit includes a tripod with a ball head, pouch with zipper and microphone in a plastic case, windsock, phone bracket, second tripod, cables, and instruction guide.

There are four different cables - TRS and TRRS cables, each with a long and a short version. The TRRS cables are for connecting smart devices like a phone to your mic.

Key Features

orangemonkie qmic content creator video microphone kit trrs cable

The mic doesn’t need a separate battery, it can be powered through the TRS cable. Two tripods are included with the Q Mic. The larger tripod works great for an ordinary vlogging setup, and it can be easily turned into a low-profile mic.

The smaller tripod can be used to create an ASMR configuration by mounting the mic to it, and mounting a smartphone to the other tripod. 

Because the mic is so compact, it can be used in a lot of different settings, and it’s easy to pack and transport.

Mic Modes
orangemonkie qmic content creator video microphone kit mic modes

  • ASMR mode for creating ASMR videos, which are really popular on YouTube
  • Directional mode for use as a shotgun mic, which also helps to cut down on ambient noise if you don’t want it in your recording
  • Omnidirectional mode for blogging, interview, or recording surroundings

How to Set Up the Q Mic

orangemonkie qmic content creator video microphone kit how to setup

Setup of the
Orangemonkie Q Mic is easy. There’s a little cold shoe at the bottom of the mic with a locking wheel to mount directly onto a camera or the mounting bracket. Just attach and tighten the locking wheel and the mic is securely mounted.

There’s a silver dial on the mic that lets you switch simply between the three modes, and on the bottom of the mounting bracket, there is a quarter-inch thread so it can be screwed on to the tripod.

Use the black TRS to TRRS cables to attach the mic to your smart device. Be aware that a lot of modern smartphones don’t have a mic jack, so you’ll need to buy a dongle to fit your smartphone for the cable to attach to.

Plug the TRS side into the microphone, and the TRRS side into your smartphone dongle and that’s it - done!


orangemonkie qmic content creator video microphone kit

Orangemonkie Q Mic is a great all-in-one setup for content creators who don’t want something complicated and that will work straight out of the box. Although the Q Mic will never be quite as good for a particular task as a dedicated mic like a specific shotgun or omnidirectional mic, it’s great for those who just want a good all-round mic for vlogging, interviews, or any other filming you want to do.

One area where the Q Mic does very well is for recording ASMR, as it will pick up those subtle sounds that you need it to. All in all, the Orangemonkie Q Mic is compact, easy to carry around, simple to use with the three-mode dial, and it’s versatile. On top of that, it comes with two tripods and a bracket for added usefulness and flexibility.
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