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Godox UL150 SILENT + FANLESS LED Video Light Unboxing & Review

Last Updated 7th January 2021


Today we are going to take a look at the Godox UL150 SILENT + FANLESS LED Video Light. As we unbox it we will take a look at what’s inside, compare it with other competitors and discuss some details on how you can set it up for your studio/outdoor shoot.


What is the Godox UL150 SILENT + FANLESS LED Video Light?


The Godox UL150 SILENT + FANLESS LED Video light is a fanless studio light with a split design that separates the control pack from the light head. The system works with both a battery pack (available separately) or an AC adapter pack (included) that you can plug in on to an AC wall socket. It is a 150W LED monolight unit. Inside the unit, there are no fans but a large heat sink that dissipates the heat and therefore the system is practically silent when in operation, perfect for shoots.


What’s Included?

Unboxing the package reveals the following items:

  1. Instruction guide
  2. Warranty card
  3. QC pass card
  4. DMX cables
  5. Figure 8 cable
  6. Velcro strap with a V-plate for the control pack
  7. Reflector (Bowen’s mount)
  8. Power adapter (goes with the figure 8 cable)
  9. Control pack
  10. The detachable antennae (2 in total)
  11. The UL150 light head


Physical Features

The UL150 is larger than the VL150. You will notice this straight away when you unbox. The weight is about 3 kilos when compared to the VL150 which is about 2 kilos.

The heat dissipation achieved via a two-pronged process. There are a number of laser cut notches on the light head. They help in dissipation of heat. But the main heat dissipation unit is the heat sink that is located inside the unit. 

The back of the UL150 features a large handlebar that comes in handy when you want to tilt or position the light. The light sets up on a U-bar that you need to loosen from one side. This allows you to tilt the light and reposition it to your required angle.

The UL150 can tilt almost 360 degrees, towards the front of the light there is also an umbrella mount, so you can attach a modifier.  The light itself has a Bowen’s mount (as a matter of fact the UL150 comes with a Bowen’s mount reflector in the package). Being compatible with the Bowen’s mount means you can use the entire array of Bowen’s light modifiers including softboxes, barn doors and snoots.

At the front, you can also notice the COB chip, which is suggestive that it has a single point light source.

Turning back there is a DMX plug which ensures that you can plug in your DMX cable for the controller. This is a lock-in plug too which means if the cable gets yanked accidentally you wouldn’t have to worry about the cable getting pulled.


Menu Options of Control Pack

One of the advantages of having a separate control pack is that you do not have to always access the back of the light unlike some of the other lights out there in the market. Godox has separated the control pack and the light. That means when you plug in the light to an AC wall socket via the AC cable and have it set up on a C stand up high you do not have to go all the way up to your light every time you need some settings to be changed. The control pack is always within your reach for any changes to your settings.

The antennae ports of the control pack are right at the top edge. You can screw in the two antennae there. At the back of the control pack, you have the cable connection port.

One of the interesting accessories that come with the UL150 is a Velcro fastener with a V-lock plate. The fastener attaches itself at the back of the control pack. You can then use the V-lock plate to attach your battery pack or the AC adapter pack. This ensures that the individual components are all together. Plus, it is also neat from the point of view of cable management.

The featured control pack means that you can adjust the light’s brightness in 1% increments. It is definitely a great advantage to be able to remotely do this when on a shoot.



Why do we recommend the UL150? The UL150 is a practical solution for someone looking for a professional monolight solution for shooting videos or need a continuous light for shooting stills. LED lights are cooler than the older (heavier and bulkier) tungsten lights. Plus, LED lights convert 90% of the energy into light when compared to tungsten lights. Therefore, they are more cost effective, and easier to work with.

The Godox UL150 is a fanless design. Which is a big advantage when shooting videos as they don’t tend to produce much sound when operational. Thus, they don’t tend to interfere with the process of recording the footage and audio.

Additionally, as these lights have a split design, the control pack is separate from the actual light head, they are lighter and more convenient to work with. Being lighter means they can be set up high up on a C-stand or a boom-arm without the risk of toppling over. Being a split design means you can control them without having to always reach up to the back of the light.

Bowens makes one of the largest numbers of light modifiers in the industry and the UL150 uses the Bowens mount, meaning that lighting modifier options are endless. The reflector that comes with the light uses the same Bowens mount. Plus, you have access to a large number of other light modifiers that all use the same mount.

Overall this is a no-frills light that does exactly what it promises, it gives you 450W of temperature controlled continuous light. it is inexpensive, versatile and works in several practical ways.

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