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Quick Simple Tips for Street Photography

Last Updated 18th January 2018

“A photographer must always work with the greatest respect for his subject and in terms of his own point of view.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson



Wise words to live by. Street photographers often teeter the line between silent voyeur and candid mastery, but first you must not forget your subject. However interesting or visually pleasing you find them to be, always respect the situation & judge accordingly. 

In an ideal world scattered with street photographers, there would be no such issues clicking away, but there are some places  in the world frown upon it. Always be aware & open minded. Here are some quick tips to help you with your street photography; 

1. Assessing the situation

Quickly skim your surroundings, assess the situation. Street photographers have to think quick, so don't spend too much composing the shot in your mind. The best street photographs are from spur of the moment shots. 

 2. Permission  

Traditionally, it's all about those candids, but if you find yourself an interesting character, it can help to go up to them & ask them for a posed snap. Remember, it's also about the environment, so even if your subject is aware, you can still achieve that intimacy. 

3. Equipment 

Less is more. Travel light, but be prepared. These days, with the rise of mirrorless cameras, you don't have to worry about bulk. The beauty of street photography is that there are barely any rules, shoot your way, your style & at your own pace. 

4. Negative Space

 Don't be afraid to use negative space, too much commotion can distract from your subject. Use the trusty rule of thirds & work from there. Lower your aperture and create some beautiful contrasts. 

5. Location

Cities are a favourite for street photographers alike, full of hustle & bustle & so much potential. Train stations from example make for great hot spots, people rushing, people saying goodbyes & just a general melting pot of intriguing characters.

6. Have Fun 

Finally, have fun. Don't get too lost in the technicalities, after all, you're trying to capture a moment fleeting in time.  

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