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Godox ML60 Continuous LED Light vs Godox SL60 Continuous LED Light: Comparison Guide

Last Updated 1st June 2022

Continuous LED lights are a favourite amongst creatives, not only because they are easy to use but because they allow photographers to see how the light is falling before they take the shot. With so much versatility with the illumination control, colour temperatures and features, photographers and videographers alike are drawn to continuous lighting. 


In this article we are going to compare two popular 60W lights from the Godox range; the Godox ML60 Portable 5500K Continuous LED Light (Godox Mount) and the Godox SL-60W 60W 5600K LED Continuous Video Photo Light. We will explore the features of each light and take a deeper look into the similarities and differences to help you find out which one will work best for you. Both lights are compact but vary in output, colour rendition, temperature and specifications. In this lighting comparison guide, we will compare the two lights side by side; however, if you want to learn more about Godox Continuous lights, watch our in-depth video, where we cover the full Godox range.



Two images. First image: Woman standing in front of a brown backdrop smiling and looking slightly to the left with her arms crossed. Second image: Woman posing in front of a brown backdrop with a female photographer taking her picture



  • 60 Watts
  • CRI Rating of 93 Plus
  • Power Output: 4100 LUX At One Metre
  • Colour Temp: 5500k (Daylight)
  • Price: $220 AUD - Entry Level Price Point


Best uses:

When you first see the Godox SL-60W 60W 5600K LED Continuous Video Photo Light in action, you quickly realise why many photographers and videographers are drawn to it. Its compact size, incredible illumination output, and affordable price point make the SL-60W an ideal light for studio or live streaming setups. YouTubers and Twitch streamers can easily use one or more of these lights to create a professional look, while photographers can use modifiers to shape product or portrait shoots.



If you have other lighting equipment, such as Bowens mount adapters or modifiers, you'll feel at home with the compatible Godox SL-60W 60W 5600K LED Continuous Video Photo Light. Once in operation, the LEDs are powerful enough to light a small room thanks to 4,100 LUX of illumination at one metre.


Being behind the camera is important when you are in the studio, and Godox knows this. Built into their impressive app, users can quickly and wirelessly control one or more lights using the optional remote (Godox LED Remote RC-A5), saving them from walking away from their camera.


If you find yourself indoors without natural light, use the SL-60W at a daylight temperature of 5500K, so colours and skin tones remain natural (the CRI rating is only 93+, making it ideal for product use). 


Something you may not know is that Godox caters for all types of photographic and filmmaking scenarios. For instance, if you find yourself outside the studio where power is unavailable, there's a similar light called the Godox SLB-60W 60W Portable 5600K LED Continuous Video Light. These almost identical lights use an additional WB87 battery to gain continuous LED lighting for up to 60 minutes at full power so you can remain creative without worrying about power.


The results when using this light are consistent in providing an even light that’s flicker free. If you are using a single light, you can achieve creative control through lighting modifiers. Or, if you want to get creative, you can put together a three-point lighting setup consisting of a key light, fill light and backlight at different power outputs. This lighting setup is easily achievable thanks to a dimmable function that allows output control from 10% to 100% power.



Male model holding his sunglasses in front of a yellow backdrop while a photographer takes his photo



  • 60 Watts
  • CRI rating: 96 plus
  • Colour temp: 5500k
  • 13,000 LUX at one metre with the included reflector
  • Price: $410 AUD


Best uses:

Similar to the SL60, the Godox ML60 Portable 5500K Continuous LED Light (Godox Mount) caters to photographers and videographers. However, the specific features below attract intermediate to advanced users focused on YouTube, streaming, product photography, commercial and studio work and portraits.



When working on location or in the studio, you have to consider the type of available light and how it will affect the overall look of the shoot. Without proper lighting, ambient light can easily alter the colour of products and skin tones, so it's important to invest in a Continuous LED light with a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI). Fortunately, the Godox ML60 features an impressive CRI rating of 96+, which provides accurate colour rendering for photos and video. 


If you require more control over the light's colour temperature beyond 5600K, we recommend moving to Godox's similar product; the Godox ML60BI Bi-Colour LED Light 2800K-6500K (Godox Mount). This Continuous LED light looks almost identical to the ML-60 but offers greater versatility over the colour temperature. Instead of a daylight temperature of 5600K, users can move between a cooler or warmer range from 2800K to 6500K.


Power output is also something to consider when shooting in low light environments. One of the standout features of the Godox ML60 that you'll find handy is its ability to output 13,000 LUX at one metre with the included reflector. So rather than relying on increasing the camera's sensor sensitivity (which introduces noise), add more light into the scene to achieve a better result. 


Once the ML60 is in position, users can mount any Godox mount modifier directly to the light. Alternatively, if you use a Godox to Bowens adapter like the Godox S2 bracket, the range extends to accommodate Bowens mount accessories.


If you travel a lot, you can power the ML60 LED light using two optional Sony NP-F970 series batteries or utilise the supplied AC adapter for indoor shooting. Once the batteries are in operation, photographers or filmmakers can transform the light using the handgrip into a portable run-and-gun light. Using the batteries and handgrip, users aren't tied to a lighting stand which opens up more lighting angles for greater creative control. 


The ML60 can also be paired with an optional Godox LED Remote RC-A6 to control the light wirelessly. Creatives can adopt the remote to control lights on tall lighting stands, so they don't have to sacrifice the perfect light position or when remote dimming is needed.



When looking at the results of the Godox ML60, impressive is the word that comes to mind. You’ll find the light spills evenly, causing a deliberate spotlight effect, or when lighting modifiers are in use, sets become filled with soft light, making them a pleasure to photograph or film in. When it comes to colour accuracy, this light is on another level. Results are life-like with beautiful colour rendition.


Similarities & Differences

Up close image of Godox LED ML60 light on a light stand



When comparing both lights, you'll find the same illumination output of 60W, with both lights offering daylight balanced light temperatures of 5500K/5600K. They both offer wireless control with optional remotes available.



It can be confusing to know which light is right for you. While each model of Continuous LED Light offers some similarities, they share some key differences, making it easier to distinguish which model is right for you. 


Take, for example, the Godox ML60 Portable 5500K Continuous LED Light (Godox Mount) that can be powered via optional NPF-Batteries as opposed to SL-60W (where you would need to purchase the Godox SLB-60W version to get the same portability). It is good to keep this feature in mind if you are looking to shoot outdoors in the future where you may have limited or no access to power. The ML60 would be ideal for photographers and videographers who need portable setups instead of the SL60W, which would suit a more permanent studio setup.


When filming with Continuous LED Lights on set, two things remain important. How loud the light is and the type of accessories you can use with it. Considering this, the SL-60W has a higher fan noise than the newer improved Godox ML60 which offers a silent mode. When it comes to mounting lighting modifiers, consider what mount will work for you. The SL-60W features a Bowens Mount which makes it easy to use a wide range of modifiers. In contrast, an optional S2 Bracket would be required to make the ML60 compatible with Bowens Mount accessories.


If you require more control over the light, dimming is something that differs between the two lights. The quieter ML60 model has full control from 0%-100% compared with 10% to 100% on the SL-60W, which limits its creative control. While the additional 10% control may seem small in comparison, it can vastly impact recreating low-light scenes.


You also need to take into account the weight of both models. If you travel locally or interstate, the lighter ML60 (0.77kg) will be a bonus, especially if you have weight restrictions. 


Finally, one last difference worth considering is the special effects of the ML60. Filmmakers will find this a welcome asset instead of relying on props to mimic different lighting scenarios.


Spec Table


Godox SL60W

Godox ML60 (Daylight)






Fan (plus silent fan mode)




Battery Plate


Yes, 2 x NP-F970 Battery (Batteries sold separately)




Lux at 1M

4,100 Lux

13,000 Lux (With Reflector)

Power Source

AC Adapter

AC Adapter, Battery

Fixture Dimensions

23cm x 24cm x 14cm

14.5cm x 8.8cm x 8.8cm

Operating Temperature

-10° to 50°C

10° to 40°




Built in Special Effects


Yes, 8 Presets




Remote Operation

Yes, RC-A5 Remote (sold separately)

Yes, RC-A6 Remote (Sold Separately)

Carry Bag


Yes, Included



Final Thoughts - Which one is right for you?

Male photographer looking at his laptop and holding his camera while a male model stands in front of a yellow backdrop with his hands in his pockets

Thanks to its versatility and features, the Godox ML60 Portable 5500K Continuous LED Light (Godox Mount) is the best option for intermediate to advanced photographers and videographers. The ability to turn the ML60 into a portable light with the aid of batteries makes the optional handheld setup a clear winner over the SL-60W. You'll find the Continuous LED light smaller, lighter, and more compact, meaning it's better to carry around to locations. Plus, with a silent mode, creatives can use this light on set without worrying about disruptive audio, and if that's not enough, the greater dimming control makes the light more flexible when recreating low light scenes. 

The Godox SL-60W is a great all-around light for photography and cinematography of all levels. It's popular thanks to an affordable price point, the ability to work with a Bowen Mount and a rich feature set that makes this light great for all kinds of photography and videography projects.



Male model holding his sunglasses in front of a yellow backdrop

The lights in this comparison guide are excellent options for photographers and videographers looking for a 60W Continuous LED light. To decide which light is right for you, sum up the difference and similarities. Consider each light's features and benefits; for instance, what are different models and are portability, output power, and controls welcome assets or hindrances? Think about Colour Temperature to ensure you gain full creative control and consider the type of mount for adding accessories. Still not sure? Check out our extended guide on YouTube

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