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Godox LC500 LED Light Stick Unboxing and Review

Last Updated 21st November 2019

If you’re curious about LED light sticks, look no further! They are a great alternative to conventional photographic lights, being both portable and by allowing you to direct the light just how you want it. This makes light sticks like the
Godox LC500 LED Light Stick perfect for photographers who are constantly on the go.

This article is going to give you the lowdown on the features and functions of the Godox LC500, from the first look through to a comparison with the Yongnuo YN360II RGB Light Stick.

First Look

The package that the Godox LC500 comes in lists some of the features it has:

  • Premium LED beads with a high colour rendering index of 95
  • Warm and cool colour temperature modes
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery charged by a DC power plug
  • Remote control compatible with the LC500 as well as some of the other Godox continuous lighting range
  • Clear LCD display panel
  • Carry bag

Unboxing and What’s Included

The carry bag has a Velcro loop and two carry handles as well as two zippers to open the bag. Inside is the Godox warranty card and LC500 instruction manual, and the DC power cable as well as the Godox RC-A5 remote control.

Detachable Barn Doors

The Godox LC500 comes with a set of pre-installed barn doors for controlling the amount and direction of light. You can close them up to have a narrow strip of light, or open them wide. They make this light a great choice for a rim light, hair light, top light, or background light.

The barn doors are a great idea, as many other light sticks don’t come with barn doors or other lighting modifiers. You can also remove the barn doors completely if you wish.

The barn doors can be removed by sliding them off, and can then be reversed to suit the light at the back by lining up the little notch to lock them into place.

Godox LC500 Light Stick

The light stick has a useful handle so you or an assistant can hand-hold it where you want it. 

Mounting Threads

The LC500 has mounting threads at the bottom and the top. They are standard ¼” mounting points so they will fit on light stands, brackets, tripods etc. The mounting points are on both sides, so you could fit the light to two boom arms so that it is more secure.

The mounting points are also great for desk stands.

Turning the Light On and Colour Temperature

and when you change the colour temperature mode the front side turns on, which is the daylight-balanced colour temperature (5600K).

Control Buttons

The control buttons are easy to use, and include:

  • On/off button
  • Colour intensity adjustment =/- buttons
  • Brightness intensity from +10% up to 100% in 1% increments
  • Mode button controls the modes between warm and cool lights 

Channel/Group Button

On the top of the light stick, there are some channel and group buttons. When you press the channel button, you can cycle through different channels. Single press it, and it starts flashing so you can cycle through A to F channels using +/-. When you hold the button down, it highlights the groups. Groups are if you are using groups of lights like these or other Godox lights like the SLB60 or SL200. You can utilise the group button with the remote control to use different groups.

Godox RC-A5 Remote Control

The remote control allows you to fine-tune the light, which is great if it’s up high on a stand or where you can’t easily get to it.

  • Takes 2 AAA batteries
  • Easy on/off
  • Control light intensity in +1% increments
  • Change colour temperature

Built-In Lithium-Ion Battery

The lithium battery is built-in, which is a great feature. Some other light sticks need external batteries which not only mean extra cost, but they add bulk to the unit itself.

The DC charger that comes with the Godox LC500 charges the battery, but also allows you to run it off mains power when it’s plugged in.

Tips & Tricks with the Godox LC500

You can make your own DIY light modifiers for your light stick to make it even more versatile. Many light sticks are too weak to take a modifier without the lighting intensity being reduced, but the Godox LC500 has a strong light, so you can add a modifier. 

Try using baking paper over the front and clip it on with bulldog clips at the sides to make a DIY softbox. You could also use coloured cellophane as coloured gels for different lighting effects.

Godox LC500 vs. Yongnuo YN360II RGB Light Stick Comparison

The LC500 is a simple light that will get you the correct daylight rating, and also let you adjust the colour temperature to suit different skin tones. 

The Yongnuo is an alternative with RGB colour features as well.


The Godox LC500 LED Light Stick is a great, value-for-money light stick. It’s a good thing to have in your kit because it allows you to create different accent or rim lights, among other things. The adjustable colour temperature and brightness, along with the reversible barn doors and built-in battery make it a versatile bit of gear to have.


While they are not for everyone, ice sticks like the Godox LC500 are becoming increasingly popular in some areas of photography. They are very useful in certain niches like product photography, long exposure photography, special effects photography, portrait photography, and more.

If you think you would be interested in an RGB alternative light stick, have a look at all the info on the Yongnuo YN360II in the Best RGB Lighting for Your Photoshoots blog post.

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