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Patrick’s Flat Lay (From Top-Left to Bottom-Right): 1. SWMRS and Tyler, The Creator Vinyl Records, 2. Cool Shirtz and Wayward Brewing Enamel Pins, 3. iPad Pro, 4. Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***, 4. Sharpie, 5. Redheads Matches, 6. 35mm Film Roll, 7. Sunglasses, 8. Sony A7III Camera, 9. Jameson The Cooper’s Croze Whiskey, 10. Bellroy Wallet, 11. HowToBasic Egg, 12. Converse Chuck 70 High Top, 13. James Clear’s Atomic Habits, 14. Nintendo Switch, 15. Wayward Brewing and Young Henry’s Limited Release Cans, 16. Cold Ones Grog Cup.

Featured Paper Backdrop: Spectrum “Lucky Clover Green” Paper Roll Backdrop. SHOP FULL-WIDTH HERE or HALF-WIDTH HERE.

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