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Jonathon's Flat Lay (From Top-Left to Bottom-Right): 1. Game Cube Controller, 2. Baraka & Once Were Warriors, 3. 101 Things I Learnt in Film School  4. One Punch Man Manga, 5. Magsafe Charger, 6. Raybans Sunglasses, 7. Sony WM-1000XM4 Headphones, 8. Akira Enamel Pin, 9. Corgi Ornament, 10. Apple Pencil 2, 12. Concept Series Boba Fett, 12. Space Jam Socks, 13. Sony a7lll Camera, 14. Tantalum Ring, 15. Nintendo GameCube Adapter.

Featured Paper Backdrop: Spectrum “Mochaccino Brown” Paper Roll Backdrop. SHOP FULL-WIDTH HERE or HALF-WIDTH HERE.

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