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Heloise’s Flat Lay (From Top-Left to Bottom-Right): 1. Aesop Hand Cream, 2. Canon 5DMark iii with 50mm Lens, 3. Cold Brew Coffee, 4. Simon and Garfunkel Vinyl, 5. Assembly Label Denim Jacket, 6. Ray-Ban Sunglasses, 7. Latvian Ring, 8. Hirigoyen Watch, 9. Fresh Red Chilli, 10. Polaroids, 11. Fresh Rosemary, 12. 35mm Film Roll, 13. Voigtlander Bessa T Camera, 14. Japanese Postcard, 15. Balter XPA Beer, 16. The Beatles Vinyl, 17. Frankie Magazine, Spaces Vol 4. 

Featured Paper Backdrop: Spectrum “Smashed Avo Green” Paper Roll Backdrop. SHOP FULL-WIDTH HERE or HALF-WIDTH HERE.

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