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Christine's Flat Lay (From Top-Left to Bottom-Right): 1. Aussie Passport, 2. Triple Black Adidas NMD Sneakers, 3. Kenji the Shiba Inu Dog, 4. Nike Crop Top, 4. Priority Pass Lounge Card, 5. Chanel Compact, 6. Wedding & Engagement ring, 7. Chloe Perfume, 8. Chanel Handbag, 9. Coconut Water, 10. Kenji Pic, 11. TLC Crazy Sexy Cool Album, 12. Chopsticks, 13. Sunnies, 14. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills DVD, 15. Monocole Guide to Better Living Book.

Featured Paper Backdrop: Spectrum “Baby Pink” Paper Roll Backdrop. SHOP FULL-WIDTH HERE or HALF-WIDTH HERE.

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