Photo Tent and Boom Light in Product Photography

Posted on 02 August 2012

It is apparent that product photography is a very interesting field in commercial photography especially nowadays; because as you can see, product marketing highly depends on it. It is usually thru the images captured in such area of specialization that designs and layouts for advertisement are usually based upon. And obviously, the end product affects the overall impression of the consumer towards the said particular product; it will either entice them to want the product or not. So, with such type of venture, it is really important that you do this properly to be able to display the true value of the product and what message needs to be conveyed in its commercial ad.


Now, in product photography, getting the right lighting effect is definitely a difficult challenge. What you really need is a stable lighting and as little reflection on your subject as possible. This may require a lot of photography equipments to be accomplished properly. You might need to purchase expensive backdrops or diffusers to get the effect you want. But, the easiest way to do this is to use a photography tent with a matching boom light— Tent Kit—a unique set that will surely enhance the quality of your photography shots.

Here are some of the many advantages you can get when you use the photo tent and boom light set:

  •   The light produce y the boom light spread much more evenly inside the photo tent. This will ensure the image of the product to not lose its details. This will create a much more pleasing vision of the subject by simply eliminating the undesirable effects that shadows generate on a photo.
  •   Also, with its fabric walls completely bounded around the product, reflections can be easily avoided to sneak into any of your aimed shot and will save you the worry of having to edit it digitally afterwards.
  •   Another great advantage is that you are extremely scaling down the entire setup needed for a product shooting session. In the past, when photo tents are not yet in existence, photographers have to put up a studio specifically proposed to accomplish such work. But with just a photo tent and a boom light setup, your working environment is a lot more comfortable to work with.
  •   And lastly, the most recognized feature of them all—its portability. The entire photo tent can be assembled and disbanded without difficulty as well as the boom light; and are stored quickly and just as easily.

So if you are thinking of buying photography equipments that can help you with your commercial product camerawork, then you should consider buying photo tent with boom light. With an estimated average price of just $200, rest assured that the quick and easy setup plus the high quality type of photo shooting you’ve always wanted, is not at all impossible to achieve; and yes, this is definitely the most convenient way to accomplish it.

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